Incomparable Ornithopod Skeleton
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Incomparable Ornithopod Skeleton
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Incomparable Ornithopod Skeleton
Thescelosaurus sp.
Late Cretaceous
Hell Creek Formation, Harding County, South Dakota

One of the last survivors of the Age of Dinosaurs, Thescelosaurus first appeared at the very end of the Late Cretaceous Period. This ornithopod (bipedal ornithischian dinosaur) is known from several partial skeletons and skulls. It possessed sturdy hind limbs, small wide hands and a head with an elongated pointed snout. The structure of its teeth and jaws suggest a primarily herbivorous habit. The present impressive specimen leaves no doubt as to why the name Thescelosaurus, meaning godlike, marvelous or wondrous, was given to this species. With approximately 85% of the original skeleton represented, this is possibly one of the most complete examples of this genus known. The skeleton has been mounted on a custom metal armature attached to a hardwood base.
Length measures approximately 9 feet

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