LYON, HYLAND "BUD." 1908-1973. A large collection of photographs, correspondence, and memorabilia, much of it relating to Lyon's years in China, 1934-1941, but also including early and late material, as follows:<BR />
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LYON, HYLAND "BUD." 1908-1973. A large collection of photographs, correspondence, and memorabilia, much of it relating to Lyon's years in China, 1934-1941, but also including early and late material, as follows:
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LYON, HYLAND "BUD." 1908-1973.
A large collection of photographs, correspondence, and memorabilia, much of it relating to Lyon's years in China, 1934-1941, but also including early and late material, as follows:
Box 1
Album of Lyon's early years, with photographs of him as an infant, child and young man, along with early letters to his grandmother.
Album of Lyon's Hollywood years, 1925-1934, including film stills and images of him as an auto mechanic, actor, stunt man, and pilot.
LYON'S CORRESPONDENCE FROM CHINA: 89 letters (Autograph Letters Signed and Letters Signed), approximately 250 pp, 4to and 8vo, various places in China and the Pacific, September 14, 1934 to July 21, 1940, on various letterheads including the CNAC, Nan-Hu Airfield, and several ocean liners, most to his grandmother but a few other correspondents, being a clear, detailed first-hand narrative of his years in China in the service of the CNAC, the Young Marshal, and others.
Box 2
A large collection of documents and photographs relating to CNAC, the aviation ground school at Nan-Hu Airfield, and his work post-Xi'an Incident with the Young Marshal's family. Includes correspondence and a large series of telegrams sent back and forth between Lyon, Julius Barr, James Elder, and other influential figures.
4 small metal luggage tags stamped "Marshal Chang Hsiao Liang" and individually numbered (26, 129, 172, 300).
11 Autograph Letters and Notes Signed by Edith Chao, to Mr. Lyon, along with several canceled checks also signed by her, and together with a checkbook bearing an inscription identifying it as the Young Marshal's.
Box 3
A collection of early photos relating to Lyon's childhood and film career.
Approximately 20 Autograph Letters Signed of Dee St. Claire, the showgirl Lyon followed to China, c.1935; together with a signed photograph of St. Claire.
A small accordion file with printed cards, many annotated, of Lyon's China contacts.
Typed transcriptions of Lyon's letters, likely by his grandmother Jane Hunter, housed in blue 3-ring binder.
A collection of Lyon's auto and pilot's licenses from China, etc.
A large piece of shrapnel removed from Lyon's body, 1930s.
A small address book and journal, dated March-July 1937, describing an illness and hospital stay, plus his movements about Hangkow with Elder and Julius Barr.
Box 4
Original correspondence from Jane C. Hunter, Lyon's grandmother, 1930s-1950s, covering his years in China. Over 200 letters containing much news of family and life in US, commentary on Bud's letters home.
Trunk 1
21 3-ring binders featuring Lyon's typed narrative illustrated with photographs and clippings, titled "China in the Raw" and covering the years 1935-1941, quoting heavily from his own writings as well as news sources.
Approximately 4000 frames of 35 mm film negatives housed in 9 red leatherette albums and consecutively numbered: images of Lyon's years in China.
6 red leatherette albums, oblong 8vo, each with mounted gelatin silver prints of Lyon's images, various sizes (2 x 3 inches to 5 x 7 inches), including images of city and country life in China in the 1930s, the various CNAC airplanes Lyon worked on, Chinese in formation, and atrocities committed by Japanese troops, among others.
Trunk 2
A large collection (exceeding 2000) of loose silver gelatin prints of Lyon's photos of China, most 4 x 5 inches, many with his photographer's stamp, some identified in pencil. Views of people, places, and events in China, 1935-1941.
Trunks 3-4
Lyon's personal papers from his later years, including documentation relating to patent efforts and machine shop business, personal correspondence and photographs. Together with a large collection of clippings and newspapers from his years in China.
Other items include: Lyon's CNAC pilot's blazer, 3 lithographed CNAC posters from the period, and a set of embroidered CNAC "wings"; a collection of travel labels from passenger liners and hotels throughout the far east; a collection of stamps of the period; a calligraphic wall hanging; and a canister of film featuring an early newsreel biography of the Young Marshal.

The sheer volume of Hyland "Bud" Lyon's written and photographic record of his years in China—along with the other memorabilia he collected—tells us that he was well aware of his unique position as a witness to history.
The photographs speak for themselves. The correspondence is equally rich: Lyon had an open and affectionate relationship with his maternal grandmother, and his letters to her are lively and detailed. In a letter dated January 2, 1935, he describes how he landed his first job in China: "on the morning of Nov. 27th, I got a telephone call from Frank Cole, who is the chief mechanic for Marshal Chang Hsueh-Liang, one of the modern Chinese heroes. Frank asked me to come out to Lunghwa aerodrome right away; said he had a job for me. Lunghwa is about 10 miles south of Shanghai proper ... when I got there I learned that the Marshal had purchased 2 airplanes in the States and they had just arrived that morning, completely disassembled and crated ... Marshal Chang's equipment ordinarily is kept at Hangchow, which is the army aviation base 100 miles inland, or Hankow, which is a smaller army post 575 miles inland, but because of the size of the crates, they decided to assemble the planes at Shanghai, and fly them upriver." Though the job for the Young Marshal was only to last a few weeks, the CNAC execs who watched Lyon work over the next few weeks quickly decided to offer him permanent work (this after having rejected him when he first applied earlier in the year).
Lyon soon found himself flying all over China, repairing CNAC's airplanes and occasionally salvaging crash scenes, all the while taking photographs and writing letters home. The presence of the Communist "bandits" and the KMT military did not escape his attention. After a tour "in the sticks" with CNAC, he was hired once again by the Young Marshal's team, soon working as a co-pilot alongside the Marshal's chief pilot and operations manager, Julius Barr.
Quickly Lyon became one of the Young Marshal's "insiders," alongside Barr, Englishman Jimmy Elder (manager of all operations for the Young Marshal), and Royal Leonard (personal pilot for Chiang Kai-shek). In late 1936 Lyon found himself assigned teaching duties at the ground school at Hankow, placed there by Elder. Somehow he and one other pilot found themselves at Xi'an on December 12, as Lyon reveals in a one-page manuscript found among his papers, dated December 15, 1936: "We are entirely surrounded by police and troops and are not allowed to leave the airfield or to touch our personal property. In fact we cannot even relieve ourselves without being accompanied...." During the period of the Xi'an Incident, Lyon and the other pilots ferried parties back and forth, and Lyon was definitely on board when Zhang Xueliang returned to the capital after the release of Chiang Kai-shek. On January 18, 1937 he wrote to his grandmother: "Things are still unsettled here, we don't know yet how they will turn out as the Northern armies and Nanking seem to be no nearer to a settlement than they were three weeks ago. I am still, for the most part playing bodyguard to Jim Elder and keeping him company as much as possible. Fortunately, Miss Chao, a very beautiful and charming girl, who is really the Marshal's second wife ... was able to get out of Sian on the 9th, and arrived here on the 11th. A very lucky break for her. The plane which brought her arrived after dark ... and Mr. Elder and I met her at the airfield and escorted her to her home ... Whenever she does have to go out, I am always called to accompany her." The same letter reports on Lyon's apparent espionage activities: keeping tabs on a gang of five Russians who frequently tail the American crew; reporting the capture of another spy, known by the alias "Pick," a mercenary who last worked for a European power who became a double agent for the Communists. From April 4, 1937: "For the past three and a half months, in fact ever since the day the revolt started (Dec. 12), Mr. Elder; Barr; Leonard; and I have been doing everything and anything possible to assist in straightening things out for the Marshal, to preserve his personal property (what we could), protect members of his family against political fanatics, etc. Each and every one of us has had a number of singularly unusual and outstanding experiences during this period of extremely varied operations.... " In fact Lyon would continue to work on behalf of the Young Marshal until 1941. He gives some details in his letters, but another rich primary source is the large collection of telegrams, many written in code, between Lyon, Barr, Elder, and other members of the inner circle.


  • 海嵐˙里昂(Hyland "Bud" Lyon, 1908-1973)珍藏


    · 里昂先生早年相簿。內有里昂先生嬰兒時期、孩童時期以及年輕時候的照片,和早年寫給外祖母的信件。
    · 里昂先生好萊塢時期(1925-1934)的相簿,內有他擔任普通演員、特技演員、飛機師和修車技工的劇照。
    · 約有4000張里昂先生旅居於中國時所攝影的35厘米底片,分別裝在9個紅色皮革小本子裡,每一張按順序編號。
    · 6冊紅色皮革相本,橢圓形8vo尺寸,每一冊皆裱有里昂先生的鹽銀照片,尺寸不一(2x3及5x7吋),攝影內容包括一九三零年代中國的城市及田野生活、里昂曾經維修過的中國航空公司各種不同的機種、中國軍隊陣式、日本軍隊的暴行以及其它事件的紀錄。

    · 里昂先生在中國航空公司、南湖駕訓學校、及協助張學良家族的相關照片與文件。其中包括多封書信,以及流傳於朱利斯˙巴爾(Julius Barr)、詹母士˙奧德(James Elder)等重要人物之間的電報。
    · 四個金屬製行李牌,上面印有「張學良」字樣,編號26,129,172和300。
    · 趙一荻夫人寫給里昂先生的簽名信及便條。趙一荻夫人的作廢支票一張,及印有張學良印記之支票本。

    · 里昂先生早年及演藝時期照片。
    · 大約二十封女藝人 Dee St. Claire 的簽名信及一張簽名照(里昂先生一九三五年是追隨此女藝人前往中國的)。
    · 伸縮式小型資料夾,內有印製小卡片,上面記載聯絡人資料。
    · 藍色三孔資料夾,內有里昂先生書信打字搞,可能是由外祖母杭特女士(Jane Hunter)轉錄。
    · 里昂先生的汽車及飛行駕照。
    · 一片在一九三○年由里昂先生身上取出的彈殼碎片。
    · 一本通訊錄與一本一九三七年三月至七月的日記,日記記載生病住院經過,以及與朱利斯˙巴爾和詹母士˙奧德在漢口行動的點滴。

    · 外祖母杭特女士(Jane C. Hunter) 三○年代至五○年代(亦即里昂旅華期間)寫給里昂先生的書信原稿。信中談及美國的家庭生活,並回應里昂先生信中所提到的事項。

    · 二十一個三孔資料夾,裡面有里昂所記載事物的打字搞,並有照片與剪報,取名為「原汁原味的中國」(China in the Raw),紀錄一九三五至一九四一年間事,主要資料來源為里昂手稿與報紙報導。

    · 兩千多張里昂先生所拍攝的明膠銀鹽照片,尺寸為4x5吋,部分蓋有私人印,部分有鉛筆記號。照片中多為一九三五至一九四一年間中國的人、事、物。

    · 里昂先生晚年所收藏之物品,包括專利申請文件、機械工廠文件、個人書信、照片以及旅華期間的各種報章與剪輯。
    · 箱中還有里昂先生擔任中國航空公司機師時的制服外套、三張同時期的版畫式中國航空公司海報、整套中國航空公司刺繡徽章、東亞地區各航空公司與酒店的貼紙、當代郵票選集、書法作品一幅、張學良傳記影片一卷。

    「原汁原味的中國」(China in the Raw)

    海嵐˙里昂先生關於中國的收藏物之多,其中包括文字記錄與攝影作品,足以說明其作為歷史見證人的特殊立場。光是照片就足以令人讚嘆,且文字記錄亦豐富精彩。里昂先生與外祖母杭特女士(Jane Hunter)尤其親近,旅華期間給外祖母寫了不少精彩詳實的家書。在一封一九三五年一月二日寫的信中,里昂描述自己在中國錄取第一份工的心情:「十一月二十七日早晨,我接到法蘭克˙科爾(Frank Cole)的電話。科爾是中國當代英雄人物張學良大元帥的總機械師。科爾叫我馬上前往龍華機場,說有工作給我做。龍華機場位於上海南邊十里處。 ... 我抵達龍華機場後,科爾告訴我大元帥從美國訂了兩架飛機,今早剛剛送到,但還未組裝,零件還在箱中。...張大元帥的飛機本應送往南邊一百里處的杭州空軍基地,或內陸五百七十五里的漢口軍營,然而因為木箱體積龐大,因而決定在上海就地組裝,組裝好再將飛機飛到內陸。」這份工里昂先生只做了兩週,然而中國航空公司高層人士看到他認真工作的態度之後,決定聘用他做永久職員(里昂先生先前申請過該公司職缺,但遭拒絕)。

    里昂先生隨後飛遍全中國,有時修理中國航空公司的飛機,有時收拾墜機殘骸,每次必照相紀錄,並寫信回家。他同時也注意到了中國國內國民黨與「共匪」相鬥的狀況。被中國航空公司派到偏遠地區工作了一段時間之後,里昂先生又再度重回張學良大元帥的工作團隊,在張學良的總機師兼業務經理朱利斯˙巴爾(Julius Barr)身邊擔任副駕駛。里昂先生很快地就成為張學良身邊的親信,與朱利斯˙巴爾(Julius Barr)、蔣介石私人機師羅耀˙雷諾(Royal Leonard)及張學良的英籍業務總管詹母士˙奧德(Jimmy Elder)打成一片。一九三六年,里昂先生被奧德先生派到漢口擔任教官,隨後在該年十二月十二日隨同另一名機師前往西安。里昂先生在一九三六年十二月十五日的一份文件中記載:「我們被軍警全全包圍,不准離開空軍基地,不准碰自己的個人財物,連上廁所都要有人陪同...」西安事變期間,里昂先生與另幾名飛機駕駛負責來回載送人員。張學良釋放蔣介石後,兩人一同飛回南京時,里昂先生也在飛機上。里昂先生在一九三七年一月十八日寫給外祖母的信中說:「目前局勢依然詭谲。已經三週了,但北方軍隊與南京的國民軍依舊談不攏。我的工作則是陪陪詹母士˙奧德先生,充當他的保鏢。張大元帥的二房,一位非常貌美的趙小姐,很幸運地在九日從西安逃了出來,十一日抵達此地。真是驚險!搭載趙小姐的飛機是晚上飛進來的,我和奧德先生到機場去接她,把她帶回家。...現在趙小姐每要出門,總是會叫我陪同她。」信中同時還記載著當時的各種間諜活動,包括尾隨五名跟蹤美國人員的俄國人,以及逮捕一名被共產黨收買、代號 Pick 的歐洲雙面間諜。

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