Group of 53 Gold, Silver and Bronze Ancient Coins
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Group of 53 Gold, Silver and Bronze Ancient Coins
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Group of 53 Gold, Silver and Bronze Ancient Coins Group of 53 Gold, Silver and Bronze Ancient Coins
Group of 53 Gold, Silver and Bronze Ancient Coins


  • Included are:

    1. Thasos, Silver Hemiobol, 500 BC, Very Fine. .38 gram. Obverse: Dolphin left, pellet above, three below; reverse: incuse punch. Ex: CNG Sale XXV, 3/1993, lot 216; Glessener Munzhandlung Auktion 48, lot 145.

    2. Mysis, Lampsakos, Silver Trihemiobol, 480-450 BC, Very Fine. 1.21 grams. SG- 3879. Obverse: Janiform female head of fine archaic style wearing tiara, earring and necklace; reverse: head of Athena left wearing Corinthian helmet, all within incuse square. Crude, irregular planchet with attractive original toning.

    3. Thrace, Mesembria, Silver Diobol, 450-350 BC, Very Fine. 1.32 grams. SG-1673. Obverse: Crested helmet facing front; reverse: ethnic in angles of four spoked wheel, struck on oblong planchet, sharp detail with smooth surfaces.

    4. Thrace, Apollonia Pontika, Silver Drachm, 450-400 BC, Very Fine. 3.37 grams. Dewing-1276. Obverse: Anchor with crayfish in angle; reverse: facing Gorgoneion head, tongue protruding, deep argent-gray and tan toning overall.

    5. Roman Republic, Gold 60 Asses, c.211 BC, Good Very Fine. 3.37 grams. Crawford 44/2, Sydenham 226. Obverse: Helmeted head of Mars right, LX below (value = 60); reverse: eagle standing right on thunderbolt, ROMA below (not visible due to off-center striking). Struck in high relief with full beard detail and no mentionable marks.

    6. Italy, Bruttium, Rhegium, Silver Litra, 415-387 BC, Very Fine. .57 gram. BMC-32, SNG ANS 674. Obverse: Lion's scalp front facing; reverse: PH between two olive leaves. Deeply toned with minor planchet porosity.

    7. Greece, Kingdom of Macedon, Philip II, Bronze Drachm, 359-336 BC, Extremely Fine. 6.12 grams. Obverse: Laureate head of Apollo right; reverse: youth on horseback right, A below, PHILIPPOY above. Nice detail remains amid deep forest-green patina and relatively smooth surfaces.

    8. Greece, Kingdom of Macedon, Alexander the Great (III), Silver Tetradrachm, 336- 323 BC, Extremely Fine. 17.13 grams. Tyre Mint. Newell 10, Price-3538. Obverse: Alexander-Herakles head right; reverse: Zeus enthroned holding eagle, two circled monograms below. Bright silver and sharply detailed overall, with an essentially brilliant finish.

    9. Greece, Kingdom of Macedon, Alexander the Great (III), Bronze AE18, 336-323 BC, Very Fine. 3.95 grams. Obverse: Young Heraklean head of Alexander right; reverse: club and bow in case. Well centered with deep olive-brown patina.

    10. Greece, Corinth, Silver Stater. 345-307 BC, Very Fine. 8.5 grams. Obverse: Pegasus flying left, reverse: head of Athena left wearing Corinthian helmet pushed back on head. Well centered.

    11. Sicily, Syracuse, Hieron II, Bronze AE 27mm, 275-216 BC, About Very Fine. 17.82 grams. ANS-917, SGC-1221. Obverse: Diademed head of Hieron left; reverse: warrior on horseback right, holding couched spear. Pleasing green-brown patina with minor planchet roughness.

    12. Greece, Caria-Mylasa, Eupolemos, Bronze AE 17mm, c.314 BC, Very Fine. 3.64 grams. Obverse: Three shields overlaying; reverse: sheathed sword. Struck on oblong planchet with hints of rust-red color.

    13. Greece, Sicily, Leontini, Silver Litra, 466-425 BC, Very Fine. .58 gram. Obverse: Lion's head right, jaws open; reverse: naked river god standing, corn grain behind. Quite well centered but struck on a somewhat porous planchet.

    14. Greece, Attica, Athens, New Style Silver Tetradrachm, c. 165-42 BC, Good Very Fine. 16.81 grams. Obverse: Helmeted head of Athena right; reverse: owl right, head facing. Well detailed and centered with no surface impairments.

    15. Greece, Attica, Athens, Silver Tetradrachm, c. 5th Century BC, Extremely Fine. 16.67 grams. Kraay-199. Obverse: Athena in full crested helmet; reverse: owl with crescent moon, sprig and city name. Well centered on a broad flan, an indentation is noted on the portrait's cheek.

    16. Greece, Sicily, Mamertini at Messana, Bronze AE Pentonkian, c. 215-200 BC, Very Fine. 11.7 grams. Obverse: Laureate head of Zeus right; reverse: helmeted warrior standing right with shield and spear. Well centered with a slightly porous appearance.

    17. Rome Republic, Silver Victoriatus, (after 211 BC), Extremely Fine. 2.92 grams. RSC-9, Cr. 53i. Obverse: Laureate head of Jupiter right; reverse: victory crowning trophy, ROMA below. Quite well centered with smooth silver surfaces.

    18. Greece, Sicily, Centuripae, Bronze AE Hexas, c. 344-336 BC, Very Fine. 2.55 grams. SNG Copenhagen-216. Obverse: Bust of Persephone right, grain ear behind; reverse: plow with small bird standing on share, two pellets. Deep greenish-brown with some planchet porosity.

    19. Greece, Sicily, Katana, Bronze AE 18, (After 212 BC), Very Fine. 3.22 grams. SNG Copenhagen-194.Obverse: Laureate head of Apollo left; reverse: Isis standing right holding bird. Quite well centered with even green-brown color.

    20. Greece, Carthage, Zeugitania, Bronze AE, c. 300-264 BC, Very Fine. 6.69 grams. SNG Copenhagen 169-171. Obverse: Head of Tanit left with wreath of corn ears; reverse: head and neck of horse right, large pellet in right field. Deep chocolate-brown color overall.

    21. Greece, Neapolis, Campania, Bronze AE 13, 3rd Century BC, Very Fine. 1.83 grams. BMC-203. Obverse: Head of Apollo left; reverse: tripod. Struck on oblong flan with extended flat edge on one side.

    22. Kingdom of Egypt, Ptolemy IV, Bronze AE 34, c. 221-220 BC, Very Fine. 35.24 grams. Svoronos-1127. Obverse: Zeus diademed; reverse: eagle with ΔΙ control mark between legs. An attempted puncture is seen at the centers of each side. Dark brown patina.

    23. Greece, Bruttium, The Bretti, Bronze AE Uncia, 213-208 BC, Good Very Fine. 8.07 grams. SNG ANS-104. Obverse: Laureate head of Zeus right; reverse: Ares or nude Hoplite advancing with spear and shield. Struck slightly off-center with good detail and color.

    24. Greece, Bruttium, Vibo Valentia, Bronze AE Triens, 192-89 BC, Very Fine. 4.63 grams. BMC-20, Sear-Greece 662, SNG Copenhagen-1850. Obverse: Helmeted head of Athena right, four pellets behind; reverse: owl standing with four pellets and star to right, VALENTIA to left. Variegated colors of green, tan, and rust-red intermingle over each side.

    25. Rome Republic, Silver Didrachm (Quadrigatus), 225-212 BC, Good Very Fine. 6.54 grams. SR-80. Obverse: Janiform head facing left and right; reverse: Jupiter in quadriga driven by Victory, ROMA incuse on tablet. Well centered and nicely toned on the obverse.

    26. Roman Italy, Umbria or Etruria, Aes Grave, Almond AE Sextans, 280-240 BC, Very Fine. 35.45 grams. T&V-172. Obverse: Club; reverse: two pellets. A crudely made piece with green patina overall.

    27. Rome Republic, Julius Caesar, Silver AR Denarius, 49-8 BC, Very Fine. 3.9 grams. SR-353, Cr. 443/i. Victory in Gaul. Obverse: Elephant right trampling serpent, CAESAR below; reverse: pontifical emblems. Struck somewhat off-center on a smooth flan. One scratch is noted on the right reverse field.

    28. Pontus Amisos, Bronze AE 21, c. 85-65 BC, About Very Fine. 6.94 grams. S-3643. Time of Mithradates VI. Obverse: Helmeted head of Ares faces right; reverse: sword in sheath. Bright turquoise-green patina liberally coats each side.

    29. Rome Republic, Bronze AE Semis, 169-158 BC, Very Fine. 9.23 grams. Crawford-272.1. Obverse: Laureate head of Saturn faces right, S behind head; reverse: prow with S to right, (R)OMA in exergue. Deep steel-brown with lighter highpoints.

    30. Rome Republic, Bronze AE Sextans, c. 240-225 BC, Very Fine. 35.18 grams. Obverse: Helmeted head of Mercury left, two pellets below; reverse: prow with two pellets below. A notable flan clip is at the top of the coin.

    31. Rome Republic, Bronze Aes Grave Quadrans, 217-213 BC, Very Fine. 29.61 grams. T&V-73, Sear-61. Obverse: Head of Hercules faces left, two pellets below; reverse: prow over three pellets. Deep steel-brown with lighter incrustation in the recesses of the design.

    32. Rome Republic, Silver Drachm, 217-214 BC, Very Fine. 3.26 grams. SRC-81. Obverse: Janiform head of Dioscuri; reverse: Jupiter holding scepter and hurling thunderbolt in chariot driven left by Victory, ROMA below. Good detail remains despite modest wear.

    33. Rome Republic, Anonymous Silver Denarius, c. 209-208 BC, Very Fine. 3.94 grams. Obverse: Helmeted head of Roma right, X behind; reverse: the Dioscuri riding right, crescent above, ROMA below. Deep argent-gray over most of the obverse, the reverse is much lighter in tone.

    34. Rome Republic, Silver AR Quinarius, c. 211 BC, Very Fine. 2.16 grams. Crawford 44/6, S-104, RSC-3. Roma head with V behind; reverse: Dioscuri riding right over plaque inscribed ROMA. Well defined on a broad flan.

    35. Rome Republic, Bronze AE Semis, 217-215 BC, About Very Fine. 11.9 grams. Sydenham-143. Obverse: Laureate head of Saturn right; reverse: prow with S above, ROMA below. Crude flan with original steel color.

    36. Rome Republic, M. Plaetorius Cestianus Denarius, 57 BC, Extremely Fine. 3.99 grams. Cr. 405/5, Sydenham 807, Plaetoria 5. Obverse: Head of Bonus Eventus right, uncertain symbol behind; reverse: M. PLAETORI - CEST. EX. S. C, winged caduceus. Lightly toned and well centered. Fine style.

    37. Greece, Thrace, Pantikapaion, Bronze AE, c. 4th Century BC, Very Fine. 3.93 grams. BMC-881.1. Obverse: Bearded head of Pan left; reverse: head of ox, ΠΑΝ surrounds in field. Deep tan-brown color with good centering.

    38. Rome Republic, Anonymous Silver Sestertius, c. 211 BC, Very Fine. 1.02 grams. Crawford 44/7, S-142, RSC-4. Obverse: Head of Roma right, IIS (value) behind; reverse: Dioscuri riding right, legend ROMA beneath, two stars above. Argent-gray surfaces with a few small marks on the reverse.

    39. Rome Republic, Cn. Lentulus, Silver Denarius, 76-75 BC, About Extremely Fine. 3.98 grams. Syd. 752, Cr. 393, Cornelia 54. Obverse: Bearded bust of the Genius of the Roman people right, GPR above; reverse: EX-SC, wreathed and filleted scepter, globe and rudder, CNLEN Q below. Smooth silver surfaces with some light gray-green patina.

    40. Rome Republic, Bronze AE Semuncia, c. 217-215 BC, Extremely Fine. 6.04 grams. Sear-89, Cr. 38/7, Syd. 87. Obverse: Mercury head faces right; reverse: galley prow right, ROMA above. Deep, attractive green patina over somewhat glossy surfaces.

    41. Rome Republic, Anonymous Bronze AE Uncia, 217-215 BC, Very Fine. 11.29 grams. Syd. 86, Cr. 38/6, BMC-88. Obverse: Helmeted head of Roma left, pellet behind; reverse: ROMA over prow right, pellet below. Good detail remains amid deep bronze fields.

    42. Rome Republic, Anonymous Bronze AE Uncia, 215-212 BC, Extremely Fine. 8.15 grams. Cr. 41/10. Obverse: Head of Roma right with pellet behind; reverse: prow right, ROMA above, large pellet below. Attractive deep green-bronze surfaces. Quite well centered with a small flan clip at 2 o'clock.

    43. Rome Republic, Bronze AE Quadrans, 211-207 BC, Fine / Very Fine. 9.14 grams. Obverse: Head of Hercules right, three pellets behind; reverse: prow of galley, Victory and ROMA above, three pellets below. Somewhat grainy, steel-brown surfaces.

    44. Rome Republic, Bronze AE Triens, 211-207 BC, Very Fine. 7.28 grams. Cr. 56/4. Obverse: Head of Minerva right, four pellets above; reverse: prow of galley right, ROMA above, four pellets below. Struck on a crude flan, some green incrustation shows on each side.

    45. Rome Republic, Cn. Lucretia Trio, Silver Denarius, 76 BC, Very Fine. 3.93 grams. Cr. 390/1. Obverse: Radiate head of Sol right; reverse: TRIO within crescent moon with seven stars surrounding. LVCRETI below. Nicely centered and smooth for the grade.

    46. Rome Republic, Bronze AE Semis, 195-187 BC, Very Fine. 2.39 grams. Sydenham 110. Obverse: Head of Saturn faces right; reverse: prow of galley, ROMA above. Quite well centered on porous, steel and green surfaces.

    47. Rome Republic, Bronze AE Semis, 2nd Century BC, Very Fine. 18.55 grams. Sydenham-143. Obverse: Laureate head of Saturn right; reverse: prow with S above, ROMA below. Well centered on a fairly smooth planchet.

    48. Rome Republic, Julius Caesar, Silver AR Denarius, African Campaign Issue, c. 46 BC, Extremely Fine. 3.93 grams. Cr. 458, RSC-12, S-355, Sydenham-1013. Obverse: Venus with diademed head faces right; reverse: Aeneas carrying Anchises and the palladium, CAESAR behind. Smooth silver surfaces with modest wear and no distractions.

    49. Rome Republic, Anonymous Bronze AE As, c. 187 BC, Very Fine. 24.08 grams. Crawford 50/3. Obverse: Laureate head of Janus, I above; reverse: prow of galley right, I above anchor to right, ROMA below. Steel bronze and tan surfaces. Struck on a double clipped planchet.

    50. Rome Republic, P. Clodius M.F. Turrinus, Silver AR Denarius, c. 42 BC, Extremely Fine. 3.94 grams. Claudia 15, Cr. 494/23, Sydenham-1117. Obverse: Laureate head of Apollo right, lyre behind; reverse: Diana Lucifera standing facing holding two long torches, bow and quiver on her shoulder, P . CLODIVS on right, M . F on left. The worship of Diana and Sol was introduced into Rome by the Sabines and therefore this coin refers to the origin of the gens. Struck somewhat off-center, the surfaces are unusually smooth -- mark and corrosion-free.

    51. Rome Republic, C. Vibius C.F. Pansa, Silver AR Denarius, c. 90 BC, Good Fine. 3.84 grams. Cr. 342/5, Sydenham-684. Double Struck! Obverse: PANSA behind laureate head of Apollo right; reverse: Minerva in galloping quadriga right, holding scepter and reins, C VIBIUS CF below. An interesting piece that shows abundant design transfer from side to side as this coin was mistakenly struck twice in the dies after being flipped over.

    52. Greece, Sicily, Syracuse, Bronze AE 24, c. 288-279 BC, Fine. 10.12 grams. SGC- 1207. Obverse: Head of Demeter right with wreath of grain; reverse: Biga right. Quite smooth with attractive bronze surfaces.

    53. Greece, Sicily, Syracuse, Bronze AE Litra, c. 409-395 BC, Very Fine. 7.44 grams. CNS-44. Obverse: Athena left with helmet and two dolphins; reverse: winged hippocamp left. Very well centered on a smooth flan. Far superior to those often seen.
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