Yellow Beryl, Ukraine, 400 cts. (GIA 3 year exhibit, AGL cert)
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Yellow Beryl--"A Member of the 100 Carats Club"
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Yellow Beryl--"A Member of the 100 Carats Club"
Featured in a Gemological Institute of America exhibition for over three years, the present slightly greenish-yellow beryl is notable on many fronts. Not only is its color natural and unenhanced, but its size, at nearly 400 carats is prodigious. The style of cutting is unique: a rounded triangular-cut in face up appearance, the crown bears checkerboard facets; the left and right pavillion bear mixed-cut facets; and the longest pavillion facet bears merely incised lines resembling those of longitude on a globe--or, somewhat reminiscent of a sliced lemon--and are seen reflected through the crown. This is a highly transparent stone and one which, hopefully, may soon grace a private collection as elegantly as it did the exhibition at GIA.
Weighing approximately 399.22 carats and measuring 62.0 x 42.0 x 30.5mm


  • Accompanied by an American Gemological Laboratory report.

    Exhibited at the Gemological Institute of America.
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