1796 Lg Date Sm Letters S$1 BB-65 MS61 NGC
Lot 2050
1796 $1 Large Date, Small Letters MS61 NGC
US$ 65,000 - 70,000
£39,000 - 42,000
Auction Details
1796 Lg Date Sm Letters S$1 BB-65 MS61 NGC
Lot Details
1796 $1 Large Date, Small Letters MS61 NGC
B-5, BB-65, R.4. This is a readily attributable variety due to the presence of a large lump (an as struck die break) on the reverse at the right side of the I in AMERICA. This reverse was used to strike the 1796 B-5, BB-65 only. B-5 is the most plentiful die marriage of the 1796 Dollar after B-4, with Bowers (1993) estimating that perhaps 800-1,400 pieces are extant. Most survivors, however, grade no finer than XF, and the 1796 B-5 is an important condition rarity above the AU level. Bowers actually records three AU-55 coins in his listing of "Notable Specimens" for this variety. We feel this Mint State coin qualifies in the Condition Census, and is one of the finer representatives available to early dollar specialists. Both sides display a deep gunmetal-blue-gray hues, lending a fully original appearance. We are unable to find more than a few modest abrasions on both sides. Well centered on the planchet, the strike is sharp throughout with just a little softness of definition at the centers. The reverse eagle is particularly crisp in delineation. We wholeheartedly recommend this coin to interested bidders. (PCGS 6861)
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