Two rock crystal 'chi dragon' belt hooks
Lot 568
Two rock-crystal 'chi dragon' belt hooks Qing dynasty
Sold for HK$ 225,000 (US$ 29,016) inc. premium
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The Jason Chen collection of jade belt hooks, to be sold without reserve (lots 501-571) (拍品501-571為無底價)
Two rock-crystal 'chi dragon' belt hooks
Qing dynasty
Each translucent body finely carved with a long arched body with a circular knop at the underside, extending upwards to an upturned dragon head with a pair of horns and furry main running down the back of its head, a winding chi dragon clambering up depicted greeting the mythical beast.
Longest: 16cm long. (2).


  • 清 水晶蒼龍教子帶鉤兩件

    In traditional Chinese connoisseurship, the finest rock-crystal was said to originate from Fujian. After the conquest of Xinjiang in 1759, however, a large quantity of rock-crystal became available to the court and was used in scholars objects and snuff bottles. It is rare to find belt hooks carved in this medium, suggesting these may have been commissioned for use at the court.
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