A magnificent and extremely rare gilt-lacquered bronze figure of Dipankara Buddha Qianlong
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A magnificent and extremely rare gilt-lacquered bronze figure of Dipankara Buddha Qianlong
Sold for HK$ 2,900,000 (US$ 373,984) inc. premium
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The Property of a private North American collector
A magnificent and extremely rare gilt-lacquered bronze figure of Dipankara Buddha
The brilliantly gilded, finely cast figure depicted standing above a single lotus petal platform with downward lappets encircled by finely incised lotus scrolls at the footrim, adorned in loose flowing robes draping in undulating folds and incised at the collar and hems, right hand in abhayamudra and left in varadamudra, his serene facial expression with steadfast eyes and small lips, flanked by a pair of pendulous earlobes suspending heavy earrings, the hair bound in high chignon by an elaborate headdress featuring four flowery tips and a centralised sword trigram.
23.5cm high.


  • 清乾隆 銅鎏金定光如來旃檀立像

    This exceptional figure is remarkable for the quality of the casting, modelling of the features and richness of the gilding. It is a rare type, of which there only appears to be one other known example preserved in a museum collection, a similar figure preserved in the Guimet Museum, donated by D. David-Weill in 1933, and illustrated by Ulrich von Schroeder, Indo-Tibetan Bronzes, Hong Kong, 2008, pp.552-3, pl. 158F (fig.1).

    As noted by Mary Slusser, in Patan Museum Highlights, "The Dipankara Buddha is said to predate the historical Buddha in a world cycle long past and to have foretold his coming. He is sometimes equated with Adibuddha, the "original Buddha." Since about the 17th century his cult has been popular with Nepalese Buddhists who consider him a protector of merchants and associate him with alms-giving. One of Dipankara's local names, the "Samyak god", refers to an alms-giving festival where images such as this one are displayed, as well as images with wooden or basketry bodies and metal heads and hands. Basketry images consist of a large, hollow torso covered with clothing and ornaments capable of concealing a man who animates it in procession". (asianart.com).

    For another example of Dipankara Buddha sold at auction, see a 17th century Nepalese gilt-copper repoussé figure from the Sartin collection, sold in our New York rooms, 13 September 2011, lot 1005.


    定光如來之旃檀像在傳世品中極為少見,目前在法國吉美博物館中僅見一尊,由David-Weill博士於1933年捐贈,見Ulrich von Schroeder著,《Indo-Tibetan Bronzes》,香港, 2008年, 頁552-3,圖版 158F (fig.1),傳世品中的定光如來佛像,參看另外一尊Sartin舊藏,後於紐約邦瀚斯2011年9月13日拍賣,拍品1005,但為尼泊爾錘疊工藝,與此尊相比則相差甚遠。
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