A huanghuali medicine chest Qing dynasty
Lot 341
A huanghuali medicine chest Qing dynasty
Sold for HK$ 100,000 (US$ 12,895) inc. premium
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The Property of a Japanese collector (lots 339-341)
A huanghuali medicine chest
Qing dynasty
The rectangular box mounted with a handle at the top and metal fittings at the edges, one side opening to reveal three tiers with four drawers with metallic handles and a zitan tray, the cover affixed with a locking mechanism at the exterior, the reverse with a series of dated inscription and two incised seal marks.
24.6cm wide. (2).


  • 清 黃花梨藥箱

Saleroom notices

  • Please note the provenance and inscriptions on the lot. Provenance: Baron Takaharu Mitsui (三井 高陽 Mitsui Takaharu, July 10, 1900 - May 19, 1983) is considered one of the most eminent students of Japanese philately. Mitsui ran a zinc smelter near Omuta located on the southern island of Kyushu in the war. Inscription 1: 松風菴所用 辛酉(1921)初夏記壽藏 'Used by the studio of pine and wind, recorded in the early summer of 1921'. Inscription 2: 松風庵遺愛之印文庫,父南山賜余永愛玩重用者也 大正十年(1921)初夏 三井高陽記 父持自署曰松風庵所用然賜之 「高陽」白文方印、「雨林」朱文方印 '[It] was one of the favour collections of the studio of pine and wind. [My] father Minamiyama gift it to me for pleasure forever. [Dated] in the early summer of 1921, signed by Takaharu Mitsui [My] father signed under the name the studio of pine and wind and bestowed it to me Seal impression: "Takaharu" and "Urinn"' Another two seal impression on the tray and the dweller: 「雨林文房清賞」篆文長方印 For Urinn studio to pleasure 「高陽棩藏之章」篆文長方印 collected by Takaharu
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