A small ivory brushpot, fan, card case and cover Mid Qing / Late Qing dynasty
Lot 305 Y
A small ivory brushpot, fan, card case and cover Mid Qing / Late Qing dynasty
HK$ 25,000 - 31,000
US$ 3,200 - 4,000
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Fine ivory carvings from the Ashfield Collection, United Kingdom (lots 301-313)
A small ivory brushpot, fan, card case and cover
Mid Qing / Late Qing dynasty
The small circular brushpot carved on the exterior with incised bamboo and inscription; the case with a cover matching both sides, featuring scenes of court officials seated in discussion with attendants, merchants, workers and farmers engaging in daily activities a figure playing the pipa, a fisherman depicted gazing at travellers on boats, the upper surface and base further carved with birds feeding on pomegranates and a pair of phoenixes, all bordered by dragons at the edges; the fan with sides intricately carved in scenes of figures amongst landscape, repeated across the fan with further figures engaging in various activities amidst pavilions within lush trees, bound together with a string of ribbon and at the opposing tip.
Longest: 23.7cm long. (4).


  • 清中期/晚期

    Provenance 來源:
    Purchased in London, 1994
    Ashfield collection

    The small ivory brushpot is signed by Wen Chuan, whose full name should be Chen Chuanzhu, from Zhejiang province. He was the niece of Zhang Tingji (1768—1848), a famous calligrapher in the mid Qing dynasty. His calligraphy style was so similar to his uncle's that it is difficult to define. He was particularly specialised in 'flower and birds' and landscape painting.

    For a closely related example of an ivory fan from the Muwen Tang collection, similarly carved with figures and landscape on the face and sides of the fan, see Simon Kwan, Chinese Fans: The Muwen Tang Collection Series. Vol 12, Hong Kong, 2011, pp.170-171, no. 36. According to the author, carving for both sides of the face of the fan and also the mounting of it was a typical design of the Jiaqing period, and became less popular after the Daoguang period.



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