A unique white jade water dropper and cover Qianlong
Lot 208
A unique white jade water dropper and cover Qianlong
HK$ 1.7 million - 2.2 million
US$ 220,000 - 280,000
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A unique white jade water dropper and cover
The naturalistic vase finely worked in the form of a double gourd, rising from an oval ringed foot to a flattened body, flanked by a spout in the form of a curled leaf and the handle of a vertical gnarled branch, the handle extending upwards towards the cover forming the knop creating a sense of an entity as a whole, all issuing dense stem leaves worked in high relief, one side with two bats playing in flight.
10.4cm high. (2).


  • 清乾隆 白玉福壽長春水注

    The finely rendered details of the leaves and branches and the rather unique design of water dropper demonstrate the superb craftsmanship of the Imperial workshops under the supervision of the Qianlong Emperor. The cover was specially designed with a fitting plug to fit perfectly into the groove on the mouthrim, which results in a more contiguous design between the cover and the body. The peach branches, together with the two bats represent 'longevity with double-happiness', which became a favoured motif at the Qing court. For a pale green jade cup with similar design but in peach form from the Qing court collection, preserved in the Palace Museum, Beijing, see The Complete Collection of Treasures of the Palace Museum, Jadeware II, Beijing, 2008, p.274, pl.229.


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