A rare Suzhou black and white jade 'fishermen' snuff bottle Mid Qing dynasty
Lot 181
A rare Suzhou black and white jade 'fishermen' snuff bottle Mid Qing dynasty
HK$ 150,000 - 200,000
US$ 19,000 - 26,000
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A rare Suzhou black and white jade 'fishermen' snuff bottle
Mid Qing dynasty
Of flattened ovoid form, elegantly rising from the flat ovoid base to the gently rounded shoulders, surmounted by a short cylindrical neck, the black and greyish-white stone intricately worked with an evocative landscape scene of a fisherman perched on a branch with rod outstretched over a torrent, depicted just as a fish is caught, a pavilion in the foreground, partly obscured by misty clouds, the reverse elegantly carved with a mountain path sweeping diagonally through tiers of the mountainous landscape, with trees on both sides, the contrast between the two colours of the stone skilfully utilised to convey the boundary between the land and branches on which the fisherman is seated, predominantly in black, and the raging waters below, predominantly in white, a white inclusion behind the fisherman skilfully utilised to portray his young attendant, who is depicted squatting on the branch, bearing a basket behind him, the whole bottle finely worked and polished with the uttermost skill.
6cm high.


  • 清中期 蘇作黑白玉漁翁垂釣圖鼻煙壼

    Provenance 來源:
    From a Minnesota private collection

    A related Suzhou black and white jade bottle, formerly in the Kaynes-Klitz and Hunter Collections, and now in the Crane Collection, is illustrated in thecranecollection.com, no.85. It shares a number of features with the current bottle including the portrayal of a naturalistic scene, free from formal Imperial subject matter; the skilful use of natural flaws and interplay between colours in the stone to highlight the design; and the swirling diagonal style of carving on the reverse, in that case conveying serrated rockwork.

    For a jade bottle with a similar natural concurrence of black and white vertical sections, see the example from the J & J collection, sold at Christie's New York, 22 March 2007, lot 71.
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