1935 Albion SPL 126 Van  Chassis no. 36013K
Lot 435
1935 Albion SPL 126 Van
Registration no. DLB 485 Chassis no. 36013K
Sold for £18,975 (US$ 31,860) inc. premium
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1935 Albion SPL 126 Van
Registration no. DLB 485
Chassis no. 36013K


  • Once the largest commercial vehicle company in the British Empire, Albion was established in 1899 in Scotstoun, Glasgow by Arrol-Johnston émigrés T Blackwood Murray and Norman Fulton. The firm manufactured cars to begin with, concentrating on its commercial vehicle business from the end of 1913. Albion's motto 'Sure As The Sunrise', which reflected its reputation for dependability, inspired the distinctive design that featured on the radiator and badges of its many models. The firm introduced a number of what would turn out to be long-lived models in the 1920s, which although left behind somewhat by the passage of time were nevertheless preferred by some operators on account of their fundamental soundness. After its acquisition by Leyland in 1951, Albion's independence gradually diminished and the range of models offered was slashed to just two: the Clydesdale truck and Viking bus. A management buy-out in the early 1990s took Albion Automotive, by this time a manufacturer of axles only, back into Scottish ownership. The firm was acquired by the American Axle & Manufacturing Company in 1998. Today, the Biggar Albion Foundation, based in Lanarkshire, Scotland looks after The Albion Club and The Albion Archive.

    The Albion van offered here originally formed part of the fleet operated out of its Cadby Hall factory in London by J Lyons & Co Ltd, once one of the biggest names on British high streets, which is best remembered for its famous 'Corner Houses'. A nationwide chain of teashops, the largest of which extended to several floors, the Lyons Corner House was part of everyday life in Britain from 1909 until the last of them closed in 1977. Lyons also owned several restaurant chains and numerous hotels, while its various other businesses manufactured bread, biscuits, cakes, pies, tea, coffee and ice cream. A vital part of the Lyons Group was Normand Garage Ltd of West London. Effectively the company's engineering department, Normand not only serviced Lyons' vehicles but also made bodies for its vans and lorries, a service it later extended to other firms. Normand also designed and manufactured much of the specialised equipment used in Lyons' factories and restaurants.

    In 1978, Lyons was acquired by Allied Breweries, becoming part of Allied Lyons, and was eventually broken up and its assets sold off. The company has links to two notable celebrities: Nigella Lawson (descended for a company founder) and the late Baroness Thatcher, who worked for Lyons as a food chemist.

    This ex-Lyons Albion van was purchased from the preceding owner in Braintree, Essex, joining the vendor's Albion LK35 Lyons Tea lorry. The seller had made some progress with restoration but realised that the project was too much for him and advertised it in the Historic & Commercial Vehicle Society's magazine as 'Albion, ex-Lyons Swiss Roll van, 1935, chassis complete and partly restored, body totally disintegrated.' The ensuing full restoration was undertaken between 2005 and 2008, drawing on the vendor's extensive stocks of original spare parts. A detailed description of the restoration process (running to over 2,700 words) is on file. The Albion has also featured in various magazines.

    Since completion, the DLB 485' has finished runner-up at the HCVS London-Brighton Run in 2008 and won the 'Best Vehicle' award at the Society's Trans-Pennine and Tyne-Tees runs in 2009. MoT exempt, the vehicle is described as in 'first class' condition and offered with old-style logbook.
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