1902 Warwick 6hp Four-seater Stanhope  Engine no. 8460
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1902 Warwick 6hp Four-seater Stanhope
Registration no. BS 8231 Engine no. 8460
£60,000 - 70,000
US$ 100,000 - 120,000
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1902 Warwick 6hp Four-seater Stanhope
Registration no. BS 8231
Engine no. 8460


  • Like so many of its contemporaries the Springfield, Massachusetts-based Warwick motor car manufacturer could trace its roots back to cycle manufacture in the 19th century. President A.O.Very moved his business into motor manufacture in 1901 from a fairly shaky financial position in the highly competitive cycle industry. The continued under-capitalisation of the business was undoubtedly a contributory factor in the company's demise in 1905. To be fair to Warwick the product was sound and competitively priced but the motor car business was even more competitive than the cycle business. There was simply not room for all the new entrants in the new fangled motor industry, particularly when the likes of Oldsmobile were introducing sophisticated mass production techniques. The Warwick Cycle & Automobile Company adopted the slogan 'Built on Honor' and introduced their first De Dion Bouton-engined Runabout in 1901. The early cars had the option of 3 1/2hp or 5hp engines and in 1902, for the 1903 season, they announced the Folding Front Seat Stanhope powered by the lusty 700cc 6hp De Dion Bouton engine.

    This four-seater Stanhope came to England from the U.S.A. in remarkable 'barn find' condition in 1988. Photographs of its condition on arrival are on file. Most major components were present although the gearbox was missing. Its new owner embarked on a painstaking restoration – perhaps the most comprehensively documented we have seen – his search for a suitable gearbox putting him in contact with such U.S.A. veteran car luminaries as Fred Roe and Ralph Dunwoodie – one time adviser to The Harrah Collection. It was suggested more than once that this might be the only surviving example of the 6hp Warwick. Many of the components of the car were carefully measured and sketched during the restoration, thus providing an interesting historical record for the future but the gearbox proved elusive. Undaunted the owner set to to build a suitable gearbox using such photographs as existed as a guide, along with dimensions provided by the apparent gearbox mountings on the chassis. The car now has a three speed and reverse gearbox which looks as though it might have been fitted in Springfield in 1902. A later carburettor was fitted during the course of restoration. After much diligent work and carefully annotated road tests the restoration was completed and the next few years saw the Warwick participating in many events including The Light Car Trial in 2004, the Hereford VCC Rally in 2006 and the challenging Hull to Scarborough Rally in 2007. On the latter event a Model T Ford driver gave up the struggle to keep up with the flying Warwick! It has participated successfully several times, four adult passengers up, in the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run, achieving its best run in 1996 in a running time of 3 hours and 10minutes and completely unruffled by the Sussex hills.

    The Warwick is exceptionally smartly presented in its striking red livery with black upholstery and brass fittings, is equipped with appropriate oil lighting and carries a side-mounted spare tyre. It is offered with the most comprehensive restoration, history and correspondence file, Science Museum Dating Certificate and VCC Dating Certificate No. 2167 issued in 1997.

    This rare and quick veteran is offered in absolutely ready to run condition and, as well as being eligible for all VCC events and the London-Brighton Veteran Car Run, being De Dion Bouton-engined is eligible also to take part in De Dion Bouton Club UK events.
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