1980 MGB Roadster
Lot 158
42,389 miles from new,1980 MGB Limited Edition Roadster Chassis no. GVGDJ1AG518998 Engine no. 39529
Sold for £7,475 (US$ 12,564) inc. premium
Lot Details
42,389 miles from new
1980 MGB Limited Edition Roadster
Registration no. YVV133W
Chassis no. GVGDJ1AG518998
Engine no. 39529


  • One of the most successful sports cars Britain has ever produced, the MGB was mechanically similar to the preceding MGA, though with unitary-construction bodyshell and larger 1.8-litre B-Series engine. Introduced in 1962, the 'B' was a right-first-time design that changed little over the years apart from a minor facelift for 1970 and the adoption of plastic bumpers for 1975. By the summer of 1980 however, the entire British Leyland conglomerate was in serious trouble. MGB sales had slowed and the Abingdon workforce had been on a three-day week for some time.
    Nevertheless, stocks of unsold cars continued to accumulate almost as fast as MG's financial losses, leaving BL's bosses with no option but closure. A consortium, headed by Aston Martin's Alan Curtis, was formed with the intention of continuing MGB production. When the bid collapsed, MG's plant at Abingdon, its home since 1929, was put up for sale in July 1980, though clearance of the stock of unsold cars would continue into 1981. By the time of its sad demise, the MGB had enjoyed an eighteen-year production life and worldwide sales totalling in excess of 500,000 cars.
    Introduced in 1979 to celebrate 50 years of MG production at Abingdon, the Limited Edition models were the last built there before the factory's closure in October 1980. Finished in Bronze metallic (Roadster) or Pewter metallic (GT), the duo sported chin spoilers and Triumph Stag-type alloy wheels, with wires an option on the Roadster. A total of 1,000 cars was completed, the split being 480/520, Roadster/GT.
    Equipped with the desirable overdrive gearbox, this MGB Limited Edition has been fitted with the optional wire wheels from new. Supplied new to Northern Ireland, the car currently displays a believed-genuine total of 42,389 miles on the odometer, which is supported by expired MoTs on file dating back to 1989. The MG subsequently resided in the Republic of Ireland and was purchased by the previous owner in 2009. Driving well with no known faults, this rare Limited Edition MGB Roadster is offered with current road fund licence, MoT to January 2014 and Swansea V5 registration document.
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