1966 AEC Routemaster RML Double-decker Bus, Chassis no. 2569 Engine no. S.4.3-3936151CO
Lot 127
1966 AEC Routemaster RML Double-decker Bus, Chassis no. 2569 Engine no. S.4.3-3936151CO
Sold for £19,550 (US$ 32,860) inc. premium
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1966 AEC Routemaster RML Double-decker Bus

Registration no. JJD 569D
Chassis no. 2569
Engine no. S.4.3-3936151CO


  • An iconic expression of this country's capital city, instantly recognisable the world over, the Routemaster bus was conceived in the early 1950s and intended specifically for use in London. The Routemaster was designed by the state-owned London Transport and built by Park Royal Vehicles (PRV) with the engines and running gear supplied by PRV's sister company, AEC. Its layout, with half cab, front mounted engine and open rear platform, followed that of the preceding RT series, which it gradually replaced, while the independent front suspension and power-assisted steering were first-time introductions on a bus. An innovative integral body augmented by front and rear sub-frames was employed, rather than the traditional separate chassis, making the Routemaster lighter and therefor cheaper to run despite being able to accommodate 64 seated passengers to the RT's 56. In service from 1956 onwards, with final deliveries made in 1968, it proved ideal for use in London, outlasting many subsequent designs. Long-wheelbase, front-entrance and coach-type versions followed. Almost all Routemasters were ordered by London Transport, with the remainder operated by British Airways and the Northern General Transport Company. In 2005 the last Routemasters were withdrawn from regular service in London, though they are still used on two 'heritage' routes (9 and 15). A total of 2,876 Routemasters was completed, of which approximately 1,000 survive. Most were of the RM and RML types, the split being 2,120/524.

    An example of the long-wheelbase RML, which measures 30' in length compared to the original's 27' 6" and seats 72 passengers, chassis number '2569' first entered service in October 1966 and was withdrawn (from route 74) in September 2004, since when it has been privately owned and run. Originally manufactured with a six-cylinder AEC diesel engine, it has been retrofitted with one of the recognised modern alternatives: a 9.8-litre, 150bhp Cummins C-series. Offered with current road fund licence, MoT to April 2014 and Swansea V5C document, '2569' represents a wonderful opportunity to acquire a working example of London's much-loved symbol.

    Please note due to this lot's size, commercial rates will be charged by Polygon Transport unless removed by the purchaser.

Saleroom notices

  • This vehicle was in fact on Route 73 not 74 as stated in the catalogue.
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