1974  Ford Escort
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1974 Ford Escort Mk1 Saloon, Chassis no. BBATPT36280
£9,000 - 12,000
US$ 15,000 - 20,000
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1974 Ford Escort Mk1 Saloon

Registration no. YDA 909M
Chassis no. BBATPT36280


  • Used for some light competition work (sprints and hill climbs) but mainly as a weekend drive, this very well sorted Escort would make an ideal fast road car for classic tours. We are advised that the bodyshell is a rust-free, seam-welded 'automatic' type with 'big' transmission tunnel and gusseted/triangulated engine bay. The bonnet, boot and doors are steel and the Mexico-type bolt-on wheelarches glassfibre. Painted in Ford Olympic Blue in 2001, the body boasts Perspex side windows and has been fitted with a 4-point, bolt-in, rear cage with fixed diagonal, easily removed to fit a rear seat. The seats (driver's adjustable, passenger's fixed) are Sparco Sprint with 4-point harnesses while other noteworthy interior features include an AVO/Springalex steering wheel, original Ford 1300 pod tachometer and twin-instrument dashboard.

    Stripped, inspected and refreshed for the 2010 season, the chassis rail-mounted engine is a 1,660 cc 'Kent' cross-flow. It is fitted with a lightened and balanced crankshaft assembly; ARP con-rod bolts; lightweight flywheel; Kent high-pressure oil pump; duplex timing chain and vernier sprocket; and a big-valve, ported and polished head by Cylinder Head Developments of Bromsgrove. The Kent 234 cam is said to give good power up to around 7,500rpm and good torque from around 2500 revs. New Spanish Weber 40DCOE carburettors are supplied with fuel via a Filter King pressure regulator/filter in the engine bay while the spent gases are expelled via an Ashley 4-into-1 manifold and twin-box exhaust (to pass noise tests). Power is transmitted via an AP heavy-duty cable clutch to the straight-cut, close-ratio, single-rail 'rocket' gearbox (incorporating a 2.38:1 'long' 1st gear) and thence the 4.125:1 final drive ratio, limited-slip differential.

    The front struts have been converted to 'coil-overs' and the entire suspension system extensively re-engineered for competition purposes (detailed specification available). A full geometry set up (four-wheel alignment and setting of toe-in, caster and camber) has been carried out. Brakes are the standard solid front discs and rear drums (new callipers and wheel cylinders 2010) with a remote servo mounted inside on the bulkhead. The JBW Superlite 7"x13" wheels are shod with Yokohama 175/50 A048 super-soft tyres with plenty of tread left.

    Completely road legal and very presentable, the car is driven to and from all events and has been reliable on the road and competitive on track (Shelsley Walsh 39 seconds; Curborough 38 seconds). Offered with current MoT/tax and Swansea V5, it could also be used for track days or road rallies (with a few minor modifications) or on the quarter-mile in the 'Old Skool Ford' classes at Santa Pod and Shakespeare County raceway.

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