Panhard PL17
Lot 318
Turner Prize nominated, Andy Saunders modified,1963 Panhard PL17 Saloon Chassis no. 2174792
£8,000 - 10,000
US$ 13,000 - 17,000
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Panhard PL17 Panhard PL17 Panhard PL17 Panhard PL17 Panhard PL17
Lot Details
Turner Prize nominated, Andy Saunders modified
1963 Panhard PL17 Saloon
Registration no. XKR 454A
Chassis no. 2174792


  • Panhard abandoned its large-capacity range in the post-WWII era to concentrate on small utility cars of considerable mechanical ingenuity. Powered by air-cooled, horizontally opposed, twin-cylinder engines, the Dyna Panhards featured front-wheel drive, independent front suspension, torsion bar springing, aluminium bodywork and a typically Gallic dashboard gearchange. The cars were fast for their size, economical and handled well. Based on the preceding alloy-bodied Dyna 54, the PL17 debuted in 1959. Powered by an 845cc twin, the steel-panelled PL17 featured aerodynamic low-drag bodywork and, despite its small-capacity engine, proved capable of conveying six occupants at 70mph while returning 40 miles per gallon. The car's controversial looks ensured that it made little impact on the UK market; nevertheless a total of around 130,000 were sold - mainly in Europe - before production ceased in 1964.
    We are informed that this right-hand drive example of a rarely seen French marque has been modified to serve as an exciting 'track' car. To this end it incorporates a 1998 Citroën Saxo 1600 VTS 16-valve engine fitted with Newman Phase 3 camshafts (costing £1,500); 'unlocked' ECU; ported and polished throttle body; and Raceland induction kit with 'green' filter. The exhaust system comprises a Raceland stainless steel, heat-wrapped, 4-branch manifold; Supersprint de-catted 'race' centre section and Magnex stainless rear box. A maximum power output of approximately 160bhp is claimed.
    Other noteworthy features include a Group 'A' solid lower engine/gearbox mount; Peugeot 106 1.4XSi gearbox; Peugeot 306 GTi 6 front brake callipers; Brembo brake discs and OMP pads; Goodrich braided brake hoses; Spax PSX adjustable dampers with Spax 40mm springs; 40mm lowered torsion bar; 15" steel wheels shod with new tyres; and an OMP steering wheel. Restored in 2009, this unique car is presented in commensurately good condition and offered with current MoT/tax and Swansea V5.
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