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HOOD, THOMAS (1799-1845, the elder)

(i) AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT OF HIS WELL-KNOWN AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL POEM 'A RETROSPECTIVE REVIEW, 72 lines in twelve six-line stanzas, with four autograph revisions including four full lines preserving reconsidered readings, with an autograph note at the head 'A Proof as soon as possible' and with Hood's name written at head by printer, 3 pages, quarto, one leaf strengthened at central fold, not dated

When that I was a tiny boy
My days & nights were full of joy,
My Mates were blythe and kind;
No wonder that I sometimes sigh,
And dash the teardrop from my eye,
To cast a look behind!...

The printed version contains five stanzas not in this manuscript.

(ii) AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT OF HIS WELL-KNOWN POEM 'RUTH', signed at foot (deleted) and with his name under the title, 20 lines, presumably the printer's manuscript to judge from the autograph note at foot (deleted) to the addressee R[udolph] Ackermann ('T.H. - will bear in mind, to send some little paper, as he promised to Mr Ackermann, - in prose, for the Forget me not'), number 20 written at head, 1 page, octavo, with integral address leaf, not dated

She stood breast high amidst the corn,
Clasp'd by the golden light of morn,
Like the sweetheart of the sun
Who many a burning kiss had won...

With volume one only of Whims and Oddities, 1827, in which the poem was loosely inserted, which has the early nineteenth-century ownership inscription of M.A. Rammell of Cheltenham.

(iii) AUTOGRAPH REVISED MANUSCRIPT OF SIX STANZAS FROM 'THE CAPTAIN'S (stanzas 6-11 in the printed version) with reconsidered readings that did not survive into print, note by Archibald Roper dated July 1845: 'This is the autograph of Mr Tho. Hood the well known talented author, and was given to me by his brother in law Mr Green', 1 page, quarto, not dated

(iv) AUTOGRAPH REVISED MANUSCRIPT OF HIS POEM 'A PLAIN DIRECTION' (untitled here), 112 lines in 14 eight-line stanzas, beginning 'In London once I lost my way / In faring to and fro...', with some autograph revisions including altering the order of the last stanza (different from the printed version), the refrain being 'Straight down the Crooked Lane, / And all about the Square', 1 page, tall narrow folio, not dated
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