Fuyuki Maehara, "To the Place" seven ceramic pieces
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Maehara Fuyuki (b. 1962)
Kanochie (To the Place)
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Maehara Fuyuki (b. 1962)
Kanochie (To the Place)
An assembled sculpture of wood and oil paint; comprising a classic leather bicycle seat of painted wood raised on a stepped wooden post fitted into a base formed by a large piece of unpainted wood; accompanied by a pair of truncated legs constructed from an assemblage of various types of wood in an irregular configuration slotted into a pair of trompe l'oeil athletic shoes

With a self-inscribed shikishi card with the title and signed Maehara Fuyuki in black ink, with the red seal of the artist

33 1/2in (85.1cm) height of bicycle seat
11 1/8in (28.4cm) length of the athletic shoes


  • Born in Tokyo in 1962 and with a bachelor's degree in painting from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 1998, Maehara Fuyuki is one of a small coterie of Japanese artists who take the mass-produced items of the everyday environment as his artistic inspiration. Associated with Kenji Toki, Yoshihiro Suda and Nobuaki Onishi, his works attempt to explore the relationship between the original and the copy in contemporary culture and contemporary art.
    In this own words, his hyper-realistic sculptures created in the tradition of Japanese woodcarving are meant "to remind people of particular atmospheres and moods which are touching without using words." The sense of "the discovery of the forgotten" is evident through his artistic career and ever-present in his numerous solo and group exhibitions in Japan and the West.

    Fuyuki Maehara: Wooden Sculpture, exhibition catalog, Nagano, The Obuse Museum & The Nakajima Chinami Gallery, Japan, 2008

    purchased from the artist
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