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A fine iroiro odoshi do-maru armor Edo period, (18th century)
US$ 40,000 - 50,000
£24,000 - 30,000
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A fine iroiro odoshi do-maru armor
Edo period, (18th century)
The hon kozane armor laced in light blue, purple and orange with white highlights and mounted on all the components with dai-maru family crests in shakudo and gilt and comprising a russet-iron twenty-one plate hoshi kabuto with a chrysanthemum-shaped plate encircling the three-stage gilt-copper tehen kanamono, the mabizashi and fukigaeshi applied with stenciled doe skin and silk piping and edged with gilt-copper fukurin carved with vines, gilt-copper kuwagata-dai carved with vines on a nanako ground and applied with a large chrysanthemum head, gold-lacquered leather kuwagata pierced and lined with a shakudo cut-out, the helmet fitted with a wide four-lame shikoro; the hanbo applied with plum florets and finished to a rich brown patina, lacquered red on the inside and fitted with a three-lame yodarekake; the maru do of iron scales lacquered black, the muna ita and waki no ita with stenciled doe skin, the kanamono all gilt copper and finely carved with family crests en suite with the rest of the armor, with eight sections of five-lame kusazuri, the lowest trimmed in gilt-copper fukurin; the sode mounted with hardware pierce carved with fruiting vines; the chain mail and russet-iron oda gote with lozenge-shaped plates on the upper arms and scales and gourd plates on the forearms, the gauntlets with crests en suite to the armor; kawara haidate separated into tassets at the bottom; russet-iron tsubo suneate; lacquered-leather suspension device for a tachi; gunsen; one armor box; no armor stand
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