A suit of armor
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A suit of armor with a go-mai okegawa do Edo period (18th century)
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£11,000 - 15,000
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A suit of armor with a go-mai okegawa do
Edo period (18th century)
Laced in blue with the components lacquered russet brown and comprising a thirty-plate suji kabuto mounted with a four-stage gilt-metal and shakudo tehen kanamono, the mabizashi and gold lacquer fukigaeshi trimmed with gilt-copper "rope" fukirin, the bowl fitted with a five-lame Hineno shikoro terminating in fukigaeshi applied with gilt-copper heraldic crests, the gilt-copper maedate formed as a chrysanthemum flower and leaves; the menpo forged with detachable nose plate and lacquered in silver with a mustache and chin tuft, the teeth gilt, fitted with a four-lame yodarekake; the cuirass a go-mai okegawa do designed as a dangae do with the lower section laced in kebiki style, fitted with seven sections of five-lame kusazari, the lowest lame trimmed in bovine hair, the edges of the do applied with gilt-copper "rope" fukurin; chu-sode trimmed to match the do; shino-gote; Etchu haidate; shino suneate; no armor storage box; no armor stand
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