Anonymous (17th-18th century) Joy of Fishing, ink and color on silk, hanging scroll
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Anonymous (17th-18th century) Joy of Fishing
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Anonymous (17th-18th century)
Joy of Fishing
Hanging scroll, ink and color on silk, with one collector's seal at the lower left.
69 1/2 x 38in (176.5 x 95.5cm)


  • 佚名 漁家樂 設色絹本 立軸 十七/十八世紀

    private collection, San Francisco

    This large-scale painting continues the tradition of paintings that depict the pleasures of fishing, most notably those by Dai Jin (1388-1462) and Wu Wei (1459-1508). Unlike the works of those two Ming Masters, who often used swift strokes of the brush to convey the carefree, almost bucolic life of the fisherman as envisioned by scholar-gentlemen, this work utilizes meticulous brushwork to paint a detailed, illusionistic scene of fisherman families at work and at leisure. The summer landscape is lush with trees and lichen-covered rocks, painted in the manner of the archaistic blue-green style. Fishermen and their families, whether hard at work netting their catch or enjoying a meal on their moored boats, are depicted with fine ink outlines filled in with colors. A lone scholar is shown at the lower left, seated on a boat with an open book at his knee and a ready cup of wine within reach, observing the fishermen at work. All combine to show a richly-detailed scene full of activity.

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