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A collection of books on Numismatics in English, Persian and Russian
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A collection of books on Numismatics in English, Persian and Russian



  • ABRAMISHUILI, T.Y., The Catalogue of Parthian Coins from the State Museum of Georgia, Tbilisi, 1974 (in Russian)

    AL-AZZAWI, A., History of Iraqian Currency for the post Abbassid Periods 1258 – 1917 A.D., Baghdad, 1958

    ALLAN, J., A Catalogue of the Indian Coins in the British Museum. Coins of Ancient India, London, 1967

    ALLAN, J., A Catalogue of the Indian Coins in the British Museum. Coins of the Gupta Dynasties and of Sasanka, King of Gauda, London, 1967

    AL-NAQSHABANDI, N.M., The Islamic Dirham, Vol. I. Baghdad, 1969

    ALPTEKIN, C., Selcuklu Paralari, Ankara, 1971

    AMEDROZ, H.F., A Dirham of Khusru Shah, London, 1905

    ARTUK, I and ARTUK, C., Istanbul Arkeoloji Muzeleri Teshirdeki Islami Sikkeler Katalogu, Vols. I and II. Istanbul, 1970 and 1974

    BALOG, P., The Fatimid Glass Jeton, Naples, 1974

    BALOG, P., Umayyad, 'Abbasid and Tulunid Glass Weights and Vessel Stamps, New York, 1976

    BALOG, P., The Coinage of the Ayyubids, London, 1980

    BARAMKI, D., The Coins Exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of the American University of Beirut, Beirut, 1968

    BARKER, D.A., The Theory of Money, Cambridge, 1913

    BARTHOLOMEW, J.G., A Literary & Historical Atlas of Asia, London

    BAYANI, M., History of Coinage: From the Ancient Times to the Selucids, Vol. I, Tehran, 1927-8 (in Persian)

    BENDALL, S., Byzantine Weights, London, 1996

    BIVAR, A.D.H., Catalogue of the Western Asiatic Seals in the British Museum. Stamp Seals. II. The Sassanian Dynasty, London, 1969


    BURN, R., Coins of the Ilkhanis of Persia, London, 1933 (2 copies)

    CARSON, R.A.G., Coins of America, Africa, Australasia and Asia, London, 1971

    CARSON, R.A.G. and PAGAN, H., A History of the Royal Numismatic Society, London, 1986

    CODRINGTON, O., Musalman Coins collected by Mr. G.P. Tate in Seistan, London, 1904

    CODRINGTON, O., Further Note on Musalman Coins collected by Mr. G.P. Tate in Seistan, London, 1905

    CODRINGTON, O., Coins collected by Sir A. Henry McMahon, K.C.I.E., in Seistan, London, 1911

    COLLON, D. [Ed.], 7000 Years of Seals, London, 1997

    CRAIG, D., Coins of the World 1750-1850, Racine, 1966

    CROFTON, C.S.F. and CORFIELD, W., The Adhesive Fiscal and Telegraph Stamps of British India, Calcutta, 1905

    DZHALAGANIA, I.L., The Coin Treasures of Georgia, Tbilisi, 1980 (in Russian)

    EDHEM. I. GHALIB [Musee Imperial Ottoman]. Catalogue des Monnaies Turcomanes. Beni Ortok, Beni Zengui, Frou' Atabeqyeh et Meliks Eyoubites de Meiyafarikin, 1894.

    EINZIG, P., Primitive Money, Oxford, 1966

    FAHIRI, S.A., Measurements at the Cradle of Islam, Mecca, 1981 (in Persian)

    FARAHBAKHSH, H., Iranian Hammered Coinage, 1500 – 1879 AD, Tehran, 1975

    FIGANIER, J., Moedas Arabes, Vols. I and II. Lisbon, 1949 and 1959.

    FLINDERS PETRIE, W.M., Glass Stamps and Weights. Ancient Weights and Measures, London, 1974

    GALBRAITH, J.K., Money, London, 1978

    GALIB, I. Takvim-i Meskukat-i Selcukiyye (Catalogue des Monnaies Seldjoukides), Ankara, 1971. (2 copies)

    [GLENDINNING & Co.], Auction sale catalogue of Greek and Roman Coins, 15th-17th July, 1929

    [GLENDINNING & Co.], Catalogue of Gold and Silver Coins of the world including the Collection of the late Major G.S.M. Burton and a very important collection of Coins of Liechtenstein, 18th-19th November, 1970

    [GLENDINNING & Co.], Catalogue of the Important Collection of Anglo-Saxon Silver Pennies formed by F. Elmore Jones Esq., 12th-13th May, 1971

    [GLENDINNING & Co.], Catalogue of Ancient English Coins in Gold and Silver, 24th-25th May, 1972

    [GLENDINNING & Co.], Catalogue of the Gordon V. Doubleday Collection of Coins of Edward III, 7th-8th June, 1972

    [GLENDINNING & Co.], Catalogue of the Bridgewater House Collection of Coins, 15th-16th June, 1972

    [GLENDINNING & Co.], Catalogue of Ancient, Oriental, European and British Coins including the property of the late W.H. Bennett, 4th-5th October, 1972

    [GLENDINNING & Co.], Catalogue of Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian and Continental Coins, 14th March, 1973

    [GLENDINNING & Co.], Catalogue of English Coins in Gold and Silver including coins from the Collection of the late Henry Symonds, 26th-27th September, 1973

    [GLENDINNING & Co.], Important Scottish Gold Coins and Other British Coins, 6th March, 1974

    [GLENDINNING & Co.], Catalogue of English Coins in Gold and Silver, 10th April, 1974

    [GLENDINNING & Co.], Important Gold and Silver Coins of the World, 27th-28th November, 1974

    GOBL, R., Sasanian Numismatics, Wurzburg, 1971

    GRIERSON, P., Numismatics, Oxford, 1975 (2 copies)

    GRIERSON, P. Monnaies du Moyen Age, London, 1976

    HAMIDI, H., A Catalog of Modern Coins of Afghanistan, Kabul, 1967

    HANNON, B., Glimpses of History, Felton, 1992

    HARTMANN, J.E. and MACDONALD, G., Greek Numismatic Epigraphy, Chicago, 1969

    HEAD, B.V., Synopsis of the contents of the British Museum. Department of Medals and Coins. A Guide to the principal gold and silver Coins of the Ancients, London, 1881

    HILL, G.F., Grains and Grammes. A table of equivalents for the use of numismatists, London, 1920

    HUMPHREYS, H.N., The Coin Collector's Manual, Vols. I and II. London, 1853

    [IRANIAN JOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGY AND HISTORY], Vol 8, No. 2, Spring 1994 – Summer 1994, Serial No. 16, Tehran, 1995

    JESSOP PRICE, M. and NASH, D., Coin Hoards V, London, 1979

    JENKINS, G. K. Coins of Greek Sicily. London, 1966. Octavo, pp. 64; illustrations. Card covers.

    JONES, M., The Art of the Medal, London, 1979

    JUAN DE DIOS DE LA RADA Y DELGADO, D., Catalogo de Monedas Arabigas Espanolas que se conservan en el Museo Arquologico Nacional, Madrid, 1892

    KARIM, A., Corpus of the Muslim Coins of Bengal (down to A.D. 1538), Dacca, 1960

    KENT. J.P.C and PAINTER, K.S. [Eds.], Wealth of the Roman World AD 300 – 700, London, 1977

    KEYNES, S., and BLACKBURN, M., Anglo-Saxon Coins, Cambridge, 1985

    KOLBAS, J.G., Mongol Money: The Role of Tabriz from Chingiz Khan to Uljaytu: 616 to 709 H/ 1220 to 1309 AD, 2 Vols. New York, 1992

    KOUYMJIAN, D.K. [Ed.] Near Eastern Numismatics, Iconography, Epigraphy and History. Studies in Honor of George C. Miles, Beirut, 1974

    KURKMAN, G., Osmanlilarda olcu ve Tartilar (Ottoman Weights and Measures), Istanbul, 1991

    LAHIRI, A.N., Corpus of Indo-Greek Coins, Calcutta, 1965

    LANE-POOLE, S., Catalogue of the Mohammadan Coins preserved in the Bodlian Library, Oxford, 1888

    LANG, D.M., Studies in the Numismatic History of Georgia in Transcaucasia, New York, 1955

    LAUNOIS, A., Catalogue des Etalons Monetaires et autres Pieces Musulmanes en verre de la Collection Jean Maspero, Paris, 1960

    LEVEY, M., Chemical Aspects of Medieval Arabic Minting in Treatise by Manusue Ibn Ba'ra, Tokyo, 1971

    LOWICK, N.M., BENDALL, S. and WHITTING, P.D., The Mardin Hoard. Islamic Countermarks on Byzantine Folles, London, 1977

    LOWICK, N.M., Siraf XV. The Coins and Monumental Inscriptions, London, 1985

    LOWICK, N.M., Coinage and History of the Islamic World, Aldershot, 1990

    MACDONALD, G., The Evolution of Coinage, Cambridge, 1916

    MANECKJI UNVALA, J., Coins of Tabaristan and some Sassanian coins from Susa, Paris, 1938

    MILES, G.C., Early Arabic Glass Weights and Stamps,, New York, 1948

    MILES, G.C., Rare Islamic Coins, New York, 1950

    MILES, G.C., Early Arabic Glass Weights and Stamps, a supplement, New York, 1951 (2 copies)

    MILES, G.C., Contributions to Arabic Metrology, Vols. I and II. New York, 1958 and 1963 (Vol. II 2 copies)

    MILES, G.C., Excavation Coins from the Persepolis Region, New York, 1959

    MILES, G.C., The Coinage of the Arab Amirs of Crete, New York, 1970

    MITHCINER, M., The Multiple Dirhems of Afghanistan, London, 1973

    MITCHINER, M., Oriental Coins and their Values. The World of Islam, London, 1977

    MORTON, A.H., A Catalogue of Early Islamic Glass Stamps in the British Museum, London, 1985

    MORTON, A.H., A glass dinar weight in the name of 'Abd al-'Aziz b. Marwn, London, 1986 (3 copies)

    MORTON, A.H., Hisba and Glass Stamps in Eighth and early Ninth-Century Egypt, Cairo, 1991 (2 copies)

    MOSHIRI, M., Guide to Collecting Coinage, Iranian Numismatic Series, Vols. I and II, Tehran, 1932-3 (in Persian)

    MOSHIRI, M., Sultan Ismail I Coinage, Gold Coinage of Iran Series, Tehran, 1932-3 (in Persian)

    MOSHIRI, M., Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar Coinage, Gold Coinage of Iran Series, Tehran, 1932-3 (in Persian)

    NAGHSHBAUDI, N.M., Islamic Coinage, Vol. I: Umayyads and Abbasids, Baghdad, 1953 (in Persian)

    NAGHSHBAUDI, N.M. and AL-BOKRI, (Eds.) Arabic Umayyad Dirhams, Baghdad, 1974 (in Persian)

    NELSON WRIGHT, H., The Coinage and Metrology of the Sultans of Dehli, Delhi, 1974

    NELSON WRIGHT, H., Coins of the Mughal Emperors, Delhi, 1975

    NICOL, N.D., NABARAWY, R. El, and BACHARACH, J.L., Catalog of the Islamic Coins, Glass Weights, Dies and Medals in the Egyptian National Library, Cairo, Malibu, 1982

    NOUJAIM-LE GARREC, S., Estampilles, deneraux, poids forts et autres disques en verre, Paris, 2004

    PAKHOMOV, E.A., Georgian Coins, Tbilisi, 1970 (in Russian)

    PHILLIPS, M., The Token Money of the Bank of England, 1797 to 1816, London, 1900

    PORTER, V., Arabic and Persian Seals and Amulets in the British Museum, London, 2011

    PRIDMORE, F., Coins and Coinages of the Straits Settlements and British Malaya 1786 – 1951, London, 1968

    PRIDMORE, F., The Coins of the British Commonwealth of Nations. Part 4. India. Vols. I and II. London, 1980

    RABIE, H., The Financial System of Egypt A.H. 564-741/ A.D. 1169-1351, Oxford, 1972

    RABINO DI BORGOMALE, H.L., Coins, Medals and Seals of the Shahs of Iran, 1500 – 1941, Hertford, 1945

    RABINO DI BORGOMALE, H.L., Album of Coins, Medals, and Seals of the Shahs of Iran (1500 – 1948), Oxford, 1951

    RAPSON, E.J., A Catalogue of the Indian Coins in the British Museum. Coins of the Andhra Dynasty, The Western Ksatrapas, The Traikutaka Dynasty and the 'Bodhi' Dynasty, London, 1967

    REINFELD, F., Treasury of the World's Coins, New York, 1955

    RODGERS, C.J., Coin Collecting in Northern India, Allahabad, 1894

    RODGERS, C.J. Catalogue of the Coins collected by Chas J. Rodgers and purchased by the Government of the Panjab, Vol. III. Calcutta, 1895

    [SEABY'S], Coin and Medal Bulletin: 1970, Jan., Feb., Jul., Oct., Nov.; 1971, Jan.-Dec.; 1972, Jan.-Dec.; 1973, Jan.-Dec.; 1974, Jan.-Apr., Jun.-Dec.; 1975, Jan.-Aug., London

    SELTMAN, C. Greek Coins. A History of metallic Currency and Coinage down to the Fall of the Hellenstic Kingdoms. London, 1965

    SHUSTARI, S.M.A.E., Units and Coins under Islamic Rule in the Classical Period, Tehran, 1961

    SINGHAL, C.R., Supplementary Catalogue of Mughal Coins in the State Museum Lucknow, Lucknow, 1965

    SOKOLOVA, I.V., Coins and Prints of Byzantine Khersones, Leningrad, 1983 (in Russian)

    [SOTHEBYS], The Collection of Ancient and Later Coins. The Property of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Part II, Greek Coins from the John Ward Collection, 4th-5th April, 1973

    [SOTHEBYS], Catalogue of Islamic Coins mainly in Gold, 6th April, 1978

    [SOTHEBYS], Catalogue of Islamic Coins mainly in Gold, 12th October, 1978

    [SOTHEBYS], Catalogue of Islamic Coins mainly in Gold, 25th April, 1979

    [SOTHEBYS], Catalogue of Islamic Coins mainly in Gold, 15th October, 1980

    [SOTHEBYS], Catalogue of Islamic Coins mainly in Gold, 29th April, 1981

    [SOTHEBYS], Catalogue of Islamic Coins mainly in Gold, 14th October, 1981

    [SOTHEBYS], Catalogue of Islamic Coins mainly in Gold, 28th April, 1982

    [SOTHEBYS], Catalogue of Islamic Coins mainly in Gold, 7th April, 1983

    [SOTHEBYS], Catalogue of Islamic Coins mainly in Gold, 18th October, 1983

    SPALDING, W.F., Eastern Exchange Currency and Finance, London, 1918

    [SPINK & SON] The Numismatic Cirular: Vol. LXXVIII Nos. 10, 12; Vol. LXXIX Nos. 1-5, 11-12; Vol. LXXX Nos. 1-12; Vol LXXXI Nos. 1-7, 9-12; Vol. LXXXII Nos. 1-4, 6-12; 1-3, 5-9, London, 1970-1975

    [SPINK], Islamic Coins from the Turath Collection, Part II, 13th October, 1999

    SMIRNOVA, O.I., The Catalogue of Coins from Pendzhikent City, Moscow, 1963 (2 copies. In Russian)

    STERN, S.M., Coins and Documents from the Medieval Middle East, London, 1986

    STRIDE, H.G., The Royal Mint, London, 1960

    SUTHERLAND, C.H.V., English Coinage 600-1900, London, 1982

    TORABI-TABATABAIE, S.N., Islamic Coins of the Ilkhanid and Timurid Period, Journal of the Museum of Eastern Azerbaijan, No. 3., Tabriz, 1928-9 (in Persian)

    TORABI-TABATABAIE, S.N., Uigur Writing and a Journey in Numismatics, Journey of the Museum of Azerbaijan, Vol. 6, No. 3, Tabriz, 1932-3 (in Persian)

    TORABI-TABATABAIE, S.N., Ag-goyunlu Coinage, Journal of the Museum of Eastern Azerbaijan, Vol. 7, No. 4, Tabriz, 1976 (in Persian)

    TORNBERG, C.J., Numi Cifici. Regii Omnes in Terra Sueciae Reportos, Uppsala, 1848

    TYE, R., Early World Coins and Early Weight Standards, York, 2009

    VALENTINE, W.H., Copper Coins of India, Parts I and II. London, 1977

    VOLK, J.G., Habib Anavian Collection. Ancient Near Eastern Cylinder and Stamp Seals from the early 6th Millenium B.C. to 651 A.D., New York, 1979

    VOLK, T.R., Studies in Numismatic Method Presented to Philip Grierson, Cambridge, 1983

    VOLK, T.R., The Application of Computers, London, 1986

    VOLK, T.R., Mint output and Coin Hoards, Louvain-La-Neuve, 1987

    WALKER, J., The Coinage of the second Saffarid Dynasty in Sistan, New York, 1936

    WALKER, J., A Catalogue of the Muhammadan Coins in the British Museum, Vols. I and II, London, 1941 and 1956

    WALSH, E.H.C., Punch-marked Silver Coins, London, 1937 (2 copies)

    WEST, L.C. and CHESTER JOHNSON, A., Currency in Roman and Byzantine Egypt, Amsterdam, 1967

    WHITEHEAD, R.B., Catalogue of the Coins in the Panjab Museum, Lahore, Vols. II and III. Oxford, 1914 and 1934

    WHITTING, P.D., Byzantine Coins, London, 1973

    ZAMBAUR, E. Von, Die Munzpragungen des Islams, Vol. I. Wiesbaden, 1968

    ZEIMAL, E.V., The Ancient Coins of Tadzhikistan, Dushanbe, 1983 (in Russian)
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