A group of six seals inscribed in Persian India, 18th-20th Century(6)
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A group of six engraved Seals India, 18th-20th Century(6)
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A group of six engraved Seals
India, 18th-20th Century
the first of brass of circular form, engraved with four lines of inscription; the second of brass, of circular form engraved with a central inscription-filled roundel; the third of carnelian, of rectangular form, engraved with two bands of inscription on a ground of scrolling floral vines, the silver mount of pyramidal form surmounted by suspension loop; the fourth of silver, of oval form engraved with three lines of inscription on a ground of floral motifs, the mount in the form of a lotus with hinged palmette fob; the fifth of onyx, of rectangular form engraved with three lines of inscription on a ground of floral vines, the silver fob consisting of four foliate vines surmounted by suspension loop; the sixth of carnelian, of oval form engraved with two lines of inscription, the silver mount consisting of six foliate vines terminating in suspension loop
the largest 6.2 cm. diam.(6)


  • Inscriptions:

    1) Seal of Qamar al-Din Khan I'timad al-Dawla Minister of Muhammad Shah dated 6 regnal year AH 1136/AD 1724.
    For his biography, see Nawwab Samsam-ud-daula Shah Nawaz Khan and his son Abdul Hayy,The Maathir-ul-umara, translated by H. Beveridge, vol. 2, reprint, Delhi, 1999, pp. 488-91.

    2) Seal of a teachers' training school (?) in Balangi (?) of the district of Wazikal (?) [in India?] dated AH 1355/AD 1936-37.

    3) Seal of Charles Barrett Caldicott, dated 1829.

    4) Seal of Colin Smith, the English working for Company's Chief of Merchants, da ted first regnal year. (no other dates are given to say whose regnal year)

    5) Seal of [James?] Nathaniel Rind dated 26th regnal year/AH 1199/AD 1784-85, when he must have been working in the Bengal Marines.
    Major James Nathaniel Rind (d.1814) was commissioned into the Bengal Marines in 1778 and later transferred to the 18th native Infantry. Between 1785 and 1789 he was based at Calcutta and was part of a team of officers involved in a survey of India. His son, also called James Nathaniel, was a captain in the 37th Native Infantry and was killed aged 32 at Gandamak on the retreat from Kabul in 1842.

    6) Undeciphered.
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