A collection of thirteen wax Seal Impressions India, 18th-19th Century(15)
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A collection of thirteen wax Seal Impressions
India, 18th-19th Century
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A collection of thirteen wax Seal Impressions India, 18th-19th Century(15) A collection of thirteen wax Seal Impressions India, 18th-19th Century(15) A collection of thirteen wax Seal Impressions India, 18th-19th Century(15) A collection of thirteen wax Seal Impressions India, 18th-19th Century(15) A collection of thirteen wax Seal Impressions India, 18th-19th Century(15)
A collection of thirteen wax Seal Impressions
India, 18th-19th Century
of oval and square shape, some with silk and gilt metal sachets, the top with impressed central square seal with lines of calligraphy, some with Indian script, most with floral decoration
each approx. 8.5cm. diam.(15)


  • Inscriptions:

    1)Wax impression of the seal of Maharaja Jankuji Rao of Sindhi with allegiance to Shah 'Alam and dated AH 1245/AD 1829-30.

    2)Wax impression of the seal of Edward Law Ellenborough dated 1842.
    He is recorded by Buckland (pp. 134-5) in short as: Governor General, born 8th September 1790, educated at Eton and St John's College Cambridge, MP for St Michael's Cornwall 1813. He was appointed Governor General in October 1841 and held the post till 15 June 1844. He died on 22 December 1871.

    3)Wax impression of the seal of the Independent English high [office] on Affairs of lands and islands of India dated 1831. The top part has been obliterated/melted.

    4)Wax impression of the seal of Richard Southwell Bourke dated 1869. He was the 6th Earl of Mayo (1822-72) and was appointed Viceroy and Governor General of India in 1869.

    5)Wax seal impression of Thomas Herbert Maddock, dated 1829.
    Recorded by Buckland (p. 268) as: "Maddock, Sir Thomas Herbert (1790-1870). I.C.S., son of Rev. Thomas Maddock, born 1790; educated at Manchester Free Grammar School and at Haileybury 1812-3; went out to India 1814; served in the Sagar and Nerbudda territories; political Agent at Bhopal; political Resident at Lucknow 1829-31; Political Officer in Nipal 1831; Secretary to the Government of India in the Legal, Judicial and Revenue Departments 1838-43; Deputy-Governor of Bengal in 1845 and 1848; knighted and C.B, retired 1849 M.P for Rochester 1825-7; died 15 January 1870"

    6)Wax seal impression of 'Imad al-Dawla Rashid al-Mulk Mahdi Hasan Khan Firuz Jang Bahadur, dated AH 1264/AD 1847-48.

    7)Wax seal impression of Henry Hardinge dated 1846. He is recorded by Buckland (p. 189) as: "Hardinge, Henry, First Viscount of Lahore (1785-1856). Governor-General, Field Marshal; born 30 March 1785; son of Rev. Henry Hardinge; entered the army in 1799; went through the Royal Military College at High Wycombe 1806-07; through the Peninsula war, first as D.A.Q..M.G, afterwards with the Portuguese Army; present in a number of battles, several times wounded; K.C.B in 1815; lost an arm at Quatre Bras; Commissioner with the Prussians in France, 1818; D.C.L. of Oxford; M.P. 1820-44 for Durham, Newport and Launceston; Secretary at War 1818-30 and 1841-4; Irish Secretary in 1830 and 1834-5; Lt General in 1841; G. C. B. in 1844; was Governor-General of India from July 1844 to January 1848; the first to go out overland. The Punjab being in a state of anarchy since Ranjit Singh's death in 1839 and the Sikh khalsa army dominant, Harding strengthened the Satlaj frontier with troops; when the Sikhs crossed the Satlaj, they were defeated at Mudki and Firozshahr in Dec 1845 and in Feb. 1846 at Sobraon, Harding serving as second in command under Sir Hugh Gough, the C in C. On peace being made, on terms dictated to the Sikhs, Hardinge received a Peerage and pensions from Parliament and the E.I. Co. Kashmir was annexed and made over to the Raja of Jammu for a large sum; a British Resident (Sir H. Lawrence), at Lahore was appointed. On retiring from India he claimed to have left it in complete peace. Hardinge also left his mark on the internal administration of India; he established schools, prohibited Sunday work in Government offices; promoted railways and irrigation; determined important military questions, both in the native and European armies. His equestrian statue was subsequently erected in Calcutta. He was made Master-General of Ordnance in 1852 and was C. in C. of the forces 1852-6; Field Marshal in 1855; died 24 Sep. 1856"
    The titles on this seal are: Lieutenant General, Honourable Henry Lord Viscount, Hardinge G.C. B, Governor-General.

    8) Wax seal impression of Henry Hardinge dated 1844.
    The titles on this seal are: Lieutenant General, Right Honourable Sir Henry Hardinge G.C. B, Governor-General.

    9) Seal of Maharaja Man Singh, possibly of Jodhpur (d. 1847), dated AH 1233 [?]/AD 1817-18, indicating his allegiance to the Emperor Muhammad Akbar Padshah II.

    The other seal impressions are undeciphered.
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