An M.V.O. group of five to Colonel C.J.Bamber, Indian Medical Service,
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An M.V.O. group of five to Colonel C.J.Bamber, Indian Medical Service,
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An M.V.O. group of five to Colonel C.J.Bamber, Indian Medical Service,
The Royal Victorian Order, M.V.O., numbered (887); Delhi Durbar 1903; Delhi Durbar 1911; India General Service 1854-95, one bar, Burma 1885-7 (Surgeon C.J.Bamber 5th Bengal Light Infy); India General Service 1895-1902, one bar, Punjab Frontier 1897-98 (Surgn Major C.J.Bamber. I.M.S.). No riband bar for the Delhi Durbar 1903, with contact marks to the second and third, otherwise very fine. (5)


  • M.V.O. London Gazette 12.12.1911.

    For connection with the sanitary arrangements at Delhi.

    Colonel Charles James Bamber, M.V.O., was born at Chittagong on July 14, 1855, the son of Mr. Henry Bamber, and was educated at Bedford Grammar School and at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, taking the M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. in 1878 and the Cambridge D.P.H. in 1892. Entering the I.M.S. as Surgeon in 1878, he became Colonel in 1910 and retired in 1915.

    Most of his service was spent in the Punjab in civil employ, which he entered in 1887. He held various civil surgeoncies, including the important one of Rawalpindi, 1893-8, before he was appointed Sanitary Commissioner to the Punjab Government in 1900, a post he held until 1910.

    From 1910 to 1915 he was Inspector-General of Civil Hospitals in the Punjab, and held that post until his retirement. He was administrative medical and sanitary officer, Delhi Durbar, 1902-3 (medal), administrative medical and sanitary officer, Coronation Durbar, 1911 (medal), and a member of the Coronation Durbar Committee.

    He served on the North-West Frontier of India in the Mahsud Waziri campaign of 1881 in Burma in 1886-7 (medal and clasp), and on the North-West Frontier, Malakand, 1897 (medal); he received the M.V.O. in 1911.

    Colonel Bamber was the author of a work on The Plants of the Punjab, 1917. He had been a member of the British Medical Association for thirty-one years. He died on the 9th January 1941 at Downpatrick, aged 86.
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