A Second World War D.S.O. pair to Captain P.R.Cherrington, Northamptonshire Regiment,
Lot 273
A Second World War D.S.O. pair to Captain P.R.Cherrington, Northamptonshire Regiment,
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A Second World War D.S.O. pair to Captain P.R.Cherrington, Northamptonshire Regiment,
Distinguished Service Order, G.VI.R., dated 1945; Burma Star. With case of issue for D.S.O., silver cigarette case, Warrant for D.S.O., typed citation, letter from the War Office relating to the D.S.O., and a photograph of him in the Wellingborough School Cricket Team, dated 1935. (Lot)


  • D.S.O. London Gazette 28.1.1945.

    On the night of the 4th/5th January, 1945, Capt. Cherrington's Company was sent to captre the water supply at the village of Hlwede on the outskirts of Dudalin. This water supply was vital to the future operations of the Battalion against Budalin itself, and was defended by the enemy in dug positions. By outstanding leadership Capt. Cherrington infiltrated his Company by night into a position from which a final charge took the enemy completely by surprise and secured all objectives at the low cost of three casualties to his company. He subsequently held all the positions gained and the essential water supply against the enemy attacks till joined by the remainder of the Battalion.

    In the subsequent operations to clear Budalin, Capt. Cherrington, on the 8th January, 1945, was again sent off, this time to effect an infiltration behind the enemy's flank and to cut off one of his most valuable sources of water. In the course of 48 hours continuous fighting in a town affording ample positions and cover to the enemy, he conducted against determined oppostion a series of attacks, the cumulative effect of which was to clear the whole northern environs of Budalin, deprive the enemy of valuable sources of water and, above all, force the enemy to evacuate positions from which the attack of the rest of the Battalion from the west was being held up. His Manoeuvres were decisive in allowing the final successful advance of the whole Battalion to go in.

    In particular, at 1700 hours on the 8th January, 1945, when he heard that a party laying cable to him and a second party carrying casualties were being attacked by the enemy, he, with one man as escort, made his way under fire to the cable party, organised a counter-attack and beat off the enemy, himself killing three Japanese and obtaining important identifications. Later in the same day, after a very hazardous personal reconnaissance by night, he succeeded in contacting a Company of Gurkhas 600 yards to his left and in guiding them to an advantageous tactical position on his own left flank, as a result of this manoeuvre the enemy was compelled to evacuate positions in the east centre of Budalin.

    Throughout the whole of the five days action at Budalin, Capt. Cherrington has displayed outstanding qualities of leadership, initiative and resource. These, added to his many acts of conspicuous personal gallantry under fire and his endurance and selfless devotion to duty, have been an outstanding inspiration, not only to his Company, but to the whole Battalion, and proved a prime factor in the capture of Budalin in the face of desperate resistance.

    Captain Peter Ralph Cherrington was killed in action on the 2oth January 1945, aged 27. He is buried in the Taukkyan War Cemetry. He was the son of George Esam Cherrington and Kate Elsie Cherrington, of Averham, Nottinghamshire. There is a memorial to him at St.Michael and All Angels Church at Averham.
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