Africa General Service 1902-56,
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Africa General Service 1902-56,
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Africa General Service 1902-56,
five bars, N.Nigeria, N.Nigeria 1902, N.Nigeria 1903, N.Nigeria 1903-04, N.Nigeria 1904 (Dr.F.W.Chesnaye. N.Nigeria Regt). Very fine or better. (1)


  • Dr. F. W. Chesnaye, a Civil Establishment M. O. to Northern Nigeria, had the onerous responsibility of practicing his profession during one of the most turbulent periods of the Protectorate's history, from July 1900 to March 1904, which dates encompass his qualification for the above described five-clasp Africa General Service Medal. During that time a large number of Punitive Expeditions produced at least one V.C., a dozen D.S.Os and nearly twice as many D.C.Ms. Certain rebels, not content with the murder of Local Officials and Civilian Residents, or indeed mere robbery, pillage, smuggling or slave-trading, had the disturbing habit of eating their prisoners, a pastime that on occasion might have lessened Dr. Chesnaye's work load. So too the use of poisoned arrows, a wound from which normally resulted in death within a few (agonising) minutes, a grim fat that befell, among others, Major Marsh, on the Sokoto-Burmi Expedition of 1903.

    Interestingly, the Colonial Secretary at this time was none other than Winston Churchill, who attempted to cancel a planned Punitive Expedition to Satiru on the grounds that he could 'see no reason... why these savage tribes should not be allowed to eat each other without restraint;. Presumably he later heard that local appetites extended to the odd European trader, for the Expedition went ahead.
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