Six to Major V.N.Agate Indian Medical Service,
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Six to Major V.N.Agate Indian Medical Service,
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Six to Major V.N.Agate Indian Medical Service,
1914-15 Star (Lt.V.N.Agate. I.M.S.); British War and Victory Medal (Capt.V.N.Agate.); India General Service 1908-35, two bars, Waziristan 1919-21, Burma 1930-32 (Capt.V.N.Agate, I.M.S.); War Medal; India Service Medal. Very fine. (6)


  • Major Vinayak Narayan Agate was born on 1st October 1889; M.B. B.S. Bo. 1915; Temporary Lieutenant 19th May 1915; Temporary Captain 11th May 1916 to 14th February 1921; Appointed 15th February 1921; Ranked as Captain from 29th September 1916; Major 11th November 1926; Lieutenant Colonel 11.11.1937 (seniority 11.11.1934); Officer Commanding IMH Lahore 15.6.1939 until 1941. Date of completion of 27 years pension service 10.5.1942. Honorary Surgeon to Viceroy and Governor General of India 20.10.1943; Officer Commanding IMH; Jubbulpore 11.1.1943; Colonel 16.5.1943; Date of Completion of tour of service or completion age for superanuation 30.9.1946.
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