Four to Major G.L.Josling, Royal Army Medical Corps,
Lot 218
Four to Lieutenant Colonel C.L.Josling, Royal Army Medical Corps,
Sold for £2,160 (US$ 3,630) inc. premium
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Four to Lieutenant Colonel C.L.Josling, Royal Army Medical Corps,
East and West Africa 1887-1900, two bars, 1893-94, Sierra Leone 1898-99 (Surgeon Capt:C.L.Josling. A.M.S.); Ashanti Star; Queen's South Africa 1899-1902, three bars, Cape Colony, Rhodesia, Transvaal (Major.C.L.Josling. R.A.M.C.); King's South Africa, two bars, S.A.01, S.A.02 (Maj.G.L.Josling. R.A.M.C.). Mounted as worn. Very fine. (4)


  • Lieutenant Colonel Charles Langford Josling was born on the 7th January 1862, M.R.C.S. 1883; Surgeon afterwards Surgeon Captain 30 May 1885; Surgeon Major 30th May 1897; R.A.M.C. Major 30th May 1897; Lieutenant Colonel 30th May 1905. Recalled to Active Service 5th August 1914.

    Sold with details from the London Gazette dated 2nd May 1894 relating to the Expedition against the Sofas, where he accompanied the column in charge of the medical department and was involved in the attack on Jambur. The column arrived at the town at 7am and severe resistance was encountered, the troops being subjected to a heavy fire from all sides, the enemy, however were kept in check by well-sustained volleys. Several attempts to fire the town being unsuccessful, after a few rounds from the 7-pdr and the Maxim guns, the "charge" was sounded and the stockade taken at the point of the bayonet at 8.15am. At 8.30am the town was in flames, and it and the stockade utterly destroyed. The flying column then returned to the entrenched position at Busumbala.
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