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A 12-bore (3in) '500ATP' pump-action gun by Mossberg, no. H792862 (7)
Sold for £250 (US$ 420) inc. premium
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A 12-bore (3in) '500ATP' pump-action gun by Mossberg, no. H792862
The brushed steel receiver with shotgun-style safety, black-painted stock with pistolgrip and ventilated recoil-pad, sling-swivels, the barrels with three-quarter magazine (restricted) and bead-sight
Weight 7lb. 1½oz., 14in. pull (13¼in. stock), 24¼in. barrel, 3in. chambers, London nitro proof
A 12-bore (2¾in) 'Model 30' pump-action gun by Squires Bingham, no. 727254
Blacked receiver, stock with pistolgrip, Squires Bingham pistolgrip-cap, Monte Carlo comb and ventilated recoil-pad, half-length magazine (restricted), circular barrel with bead-sight
Weight 7lb. 13¼oz., 15in. pull (14 1/8in. stock), 28in. barrel, approx. 3/8 choke, 2¾in. chamber, London nitro proof
A 12-bore (2¾in) boxlock non-ejector gun by Aguirre & Aranzabal, no. 260441
Border engraving, virtually full hardening-colour, stock, the chopper-lump barrels with game-rib engraved AYA-Aguirre & Aranzabal-Made in Spain
Weight 6lb. 2½oz., 14¾in. stock, 26in. barrels, approx. ½ & full choke, 2¾in. chambers, Spanish nitro proof
A Birmingham .410 single-barrelled folding gun, no. 1662
Toplever, the left side of the action-body engraved British Made and with sliding safety, stock (cracked and pinned at hand) with steel butt-plate, circular barrel (slightly loose on action)
Weight 3lb. 11¾oz., 14¼in. pull (14in. stock), 26½in. barrel, approx. cyl., 2½in. chamber, Birmingham nitro proof
An Italian .44 long-barrelled percussion revolver, no. 143186
The circular smooth-bored barrel stamped Black Powder Only-Made in Italy-Caliber 44 on the left side and rammer with some hardening-colour, plain blued rebated cylinder, brass frame, hammer with much hardening-colour, the butt with wooden grips; together with a detachable shoulder-stock of characteristic form with sling-swivel and brass butt-plate
25in. barrel, Italian Black Powder proof
The parts of a 12-bore hammer gun by W.R. Leeson
The action, stock and forend only of gun no. 841
Jones patent rotary-underlever, rebounding island backlocks, percussion fences, foliate-scroll engraving, figured stock with horn butt-plate
14 3/8in. pull (14 1/8in. stock)
And the parts of a 12-bore single-barrelled hammer gun by J. Swinfen
The action, stock and forend only of gun no. 5098
Jones patent rotary-underlever, rebounding backlock, dolphin hammer, figured stock (crack and repair at toe) with ventilated recoil-pad, capped forend, the sleeved barrel with faceted breech-section
14 7/8in. pull (14 1/8in. stock)
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