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JOLY (HENRI L.) & TOMITA (KUMASAKU): Japanese Art & Handicraft, d.w., original cardboard slip-case, 1976 reprint of 'An Illustrated Record Of The Loan Exhibition Held In Aid Of The British Red Cross In October-November, 1915' - HAWLEY (W.M): Shinto Bengi Oshigata, slip-case; Laminating Techniques In Japanese Swords, 1974 - KOSON (HONAMI): Teiryo Yoji, Information Concerning Sword Appraisal, one of 300 copies, slip-case, translated and edited by Albert Yamanaka and David Scott, 1984 - HARRIS (VICTOR): Cutting Edge, Japanese Swords in the British Museum, slip-case, 2004 - HARRIS (VICTOR) & OGASAWARA (NOBUO): Swords Of The Samurai, slip-case, 1990 - TSUCHIKO (TAMIO): The New Generation Of Japanese Swordsmiths, d.w., slip-case, 2002 - OGAWA (MORIHIRO): Japanese Master Swordsmiths: The Gassan Tradition, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, exhibition catalogue, 1989 - KAPP (LEON AND HIROKO) AND YOSHIHARA (YOSHINDO): The Craft of the Japanese Sword, d.w., slip-case, 1987; The Art of Japanese Sword Polishing, d.w., slip-case, 2006 - MILHAU (LAURENT): Stones And Swords, n.d., slip-case - EARLE (JOE): Lethal Elegance, The Art Of Samurai Sword Fittings, d.w., slip-case, 2004 - IRVINE (GREGORY): The Japanese Sword ..., d.w., 2000 - YUMOTO (JOHN M.): The Samurai Sword ..., d.w. (torn), 1975 reprint - SATO (KANZAN): The Japanese Sword ..., d.w., slip-case, 1983 - STEVENS (JOHN): The Sword of No-Sword, 1984 - FULLER (RICHARD) AND GREGORY (ROY): Military Swords Of Japan 1868-1945, 1986 - KNUTSEN (ROALD M.): Japanese Polearms, slip-case, 1963 - KNUTSEN (ROALD & PATRICIA): Japanese Spears ..., d.w., slip-case, 2004 - MORIHIRO (OGAWA): The Art Of The Samurai ..., Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, exhibition catalogue, d.w., slip-case, 2009 - SINCLAIRE (CLIVE): Samurai ..., d.w., slip-case, 2001 - HANCOCK (RICHARD): Catalogue of Tsuba (Japanese Sword-Guards) In the Permanent Collection Of The City Of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, n.d., slip-case - SUGAWARA (MAKOTO): Lives Of Master Swordsmen, d.w., 1988 - ANDERSON (L.J.): Japanese Armour ..., d.w., 1968 - a quantity of related publications, many in Japanese and some in slip-cases - and a small number of auction sale catalogues including Christie's New York, Japanese Swords and Sword Fittings from the Collection of Walter A. Compton, parts I (31 March 1992), II (22 October 1992) and III (17 December 1992), in slip-cases; together with IZZARD (SEBASTIAN) ed: One Hundred Masterpieces From The Collection Of Dr. Walter A. Compton ..., d.w., slip-case, 1992 (a lot)
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