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Early eighteenth-century book of medical recipes, kept in several similar hands, many of the recipes bearing attributions, some to well-known physicians; prefaced by an index of disorders and "Directions Concerning Weights", "Chyrurgical Directions", lists of "Opening Roots" and "Maidenhairs", and of "Cordial Flowers", wind flowers, hot flowers, etc.; with additional observations of recipes for animal husbandry added at the end; with annotations, additions and paste-overs in a near-contemporary hand, 175 numbered pages plus additional pages at the end, and blanks, some dust-staining and slight wear through use but overall in excellent condition, contemporary limp vellum, remains of ties, folio, [early eighteenth century]


  • Among medical authorities cited are, on p. 7 Sir Thomas Brown (1605-82): "Sir Tho: Browns drinke for the stone in the Kidneys and bloody Urine"; p. 70: Thomas Short (1635-85): "Doctor Thomas short of London his sneezing Powder for Diziness"; p. 76: Sir John Hinton (1603-82): "Sir John Hintons Directions for the Gripes & Chollick approved by several"; p. 162 Sir Francis Prujean (1597-1666): "A Receit for the eyes... which the Lady Mabbol had of Sir Francis Pridgeon which for above 7 Year Last past hath caused her to Lay aside Spectacles which she was Constrained to use for 30 Yeares before being not able to read without them but now without their help can thred the smallest Needle readily at her Age of 83 Years". Some attributions, such as that to "Cosen Branthwait" on p. 162, may help identify the compiler(s) or household.

    Seemingly reflecting an older tradition are recipes such as that to be found on p.79: "for a Rhum in the Eyes/ first lay a live Pidgeon split to the soales of their fee it must lye 24 hours then take the white of a newe laid egge & stir it round with a peice of Allum till it comes tp a Substance like Curds then lay some them to either eye upon a little flax & boulster them up, & bind them downe close & let them lye upon their backs 2 hours after it must lye on all night & 2 hours after dinner".

    On the penultimate pages of the main sequence, p. 174, is "A Medicine for Biting of a Mad Dog as was s.d to be used 1724". On p. 126, we find directions that the recipe book may have been in use in a prosperous London household: "You may have the Miselto at the Corner of ironmongers Lane in Cheapside: & the temporate Cordiall at Mr Gardiners against the Countesse of Keualls in Pell Mell".
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