HISTORY AND POSTAGE - Collection of letters and documents of historical and postal interest (collection)
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HISTORY and POSTAGE - Collection of letters and documents of historical and postal interest (collection)
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Collection of letters and documents of historical and postal interest, including a warrant signed by the Marquess of Winchester, Lord High Treasurer to Queen Elizabeth, on behalf of Robert Kichman, "one of the Ordinaries Messengers of the Quenes Ma.te Chamber" claiming 10/8d ("...for ridyinge in all hast with lres from my lords Tresorers place at London by the comanndement of the queens Ma.te most honourable privie counsaille into Essex to the shref of Essex & Herts & to hym delivered a lre, and so with like spede returned agayne to london..."), 1 page, year 1567 added in modern hand, damp-stained, 4to; a letter signed, with autograph signed postscript, by Henry Howard, Earl of Northampton, to the Mayor, Jurats and Common Council of Sandwich, recommending Edward Kelke [Common Clerk and Ports Solicitor, see HMC, Rye, letters in the Kent History and Library Centre, Jeake, Charters, p. 131, etc.], dated in docket 1604, 1 page, integral address leaf with papered armorial seal and contemporary dockets, folio; an autograph letter by Sir George Chudleigh, to his sister Dorothea Mohun, congratulating her on her good fortune, from Ashton, 25 November 1629, 1 page, integral address leaf, seal, folio; an autograph letter by Nicholas Payne, written from London on 22 October 1640, to Captain Collins ("Incresent Collenes") at one of His Majesty's forts at Dover, written on the eve of the outbreak of the Civil War, with the Scots occupying Newcastle and elections under way for the Long Parliament that was to meet on 3 November ("...Now for newse from hence wch all men exspecket one from another: the truth is, it is so varyable and of soe high a nature that for my parte I daure not to wright of it; but this much the Citties of Lond: and Westminster have chosen there former burges and knights for the parlament... this daye I was in the company of gent that came from Yorke this weeck did reporte that the lords of England and Scotland were agreed: and that there should be a sursecion of Armes..."), 2 pages, with address panel and seal, dust-stained, folio; a letter seemingly written and signed on behalf of William Paulet, first Marquess of Winchester, Queen Mary's Lord Treasurer, with responsibility for mustering the Queen's forces, addressed to Lord North, the Sheriff and JPs of Cambridgeshire, 9 July 1558, 2 pages, address panel on verso, stained, folio; letter signed by Edward Nicholas, Secretary of State, ordering from Sir William Compton "foure Waggons for the use & service of his Ma.tys Jewell-house", 2 April 1662, 1 page, integral address leaf, papered seal, folio; a letter signed by General Percy Kirke, to William Blathwayt, Secretary at War, written while prpeparing to embark with the Londonderry Relief Force, 3 April 1689, 1 page, integral address leaf, seal, Bishop Mark, small 4to; letter signed by Sir John Trevor, Speaker, to the High Sheriff of Devon, summoning Members to the House, from the House of Commons, 28 February 1693[/4], 1 page, integral address leaf, franked by Trevor, seal, folio; two letters by Wellington; a file of letters to Sir Francis Freeling and others, concerning claims of royal outrages committed by the Brighton Post Office; two letters by Freeling about letters misspent to Olney, dust-staining and minor wear throughout
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