INDIA WADDELL (CLYDE) A Yank's Memories of Calcutta, 1946
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INDIA WADDELL (CLYDE) A Yank's Memories of Calcutta, 1946
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WADDELL (CLYDE)  'A Yank's Memories of Calcutta', 1946
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WADDELL (CLYDE) A Yank's Memories of Calcutta, printed introduction by M. Charles Preston, 60 gelatin silver prints corner-mounted with captions beneath, some leaves loose, cloth, images 200 x 250mm., oblong folio, [1946]


  • Clyde Waddell was with the Allies in Calcutta, and worked as photographer on the Phoenix Magazine, an army picture weekly, from 1943 to 1945. Includes fine views of the city (Chowinghee Street, panoramas taken from the top of Hooghly Bridge, the Hindustan Building, the Burra Bazaar on Harrison Street, Jama Masjid, Nimtolla burning ghat), bustling street scenes (buffalo herds, beggars, snake charmers, "a native madman... accosting cars"), American servicemen interacting with the locals (street vendors, bookstall holders "specialising in lurid novels", brothel keepers).
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