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20 Feb 2013, starting at 10:00 GMT.

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Alexander Jamieson ROI (British, 1873-1937) The dwarf
Sold for £6,875 (US$ 11,548) inc. premium
 of 310
  • Lot 206*
    A Pair of American Aesthetic Movement Vase and Covers, circa 1880
    Sold for £62 (US$ 104) inc. premium

  • Lot 207*
    A. W. N. Pugin for John Hardman & Co. A Pair of Altar Vases, circa 1850
    Sold for £475 (US$ 797) inc. premium

  • Lot 208
    A late 19th Century gilt metal wall applique, the draped back plate with tied ribbon surmount and applied with laurel wreaths, issuing three acanthus cast scrolled cornucopia branches, wired for electricity, indistinct stamped marks, 67cm.
    £200 - 300
    US$ 340 - 500

  • Lot 209
    A quantity of bank notes contained within a file including a white five pound note circa 1949-52
    Sold for £187 (US$ 314) inc. premium

  • Lot 210
    An artist Victorian mahogany ebony banded paints box, by G Rowley & Co, the hinged rectangular top enclosing a fitted interior with original paper trade label, a drawer below,24.5cm.
    Sold for £112 (US$ 188) inc. premium

  • Lot 211
    Rolleiflex camera no. 1061310 with Carl Zeiss lens in a leather caseand a Gallus Paris camera in a cloth case. (2)
    Sold for £100 (US$ 167) inc. premium

  • Lot 212
    A pair of gilt metal three light wall applique, with cast ribbon tied, draped and floral entwined backplates issuing laurel cast branches, stamped numerals, 60cm.
    Sold for £212 (US$ 356) inc. premium

  • Lot 213
    A late 18th Century reverse glass print and a pair of silkwork pictures
    Sold for £112 (US$ 188) inc. premium

  • Lot 214
    A set of twelve Canton pith paper pictures, framed in groups of three depicting various artisans and vendors,each image 7 x 10.5cm. (4)
    Sold for £62 (US$ 104) inc. premium

  • Lot 215
    A 19th Century bronzed cast iron figure group, depicting three horseman one taking a jump, one thrown and another fallen, on a naturalistic oval base with central river, 40cm long x 23.5cm max height.
    Sold for £187 (US$ 314) inc. premium

  • Lot 216Y
    A pair of Japanese carved and stained ivory okimono, Meiji circa 1900, one as an instrument player kneeling in traditional dress, the other similarly dressed reading from a book, 6.5cm, one with signed inlaid mother of pearl panel.
    Sold for £200 (US$ 335) inc. premium

  • Lot 217Y
    A pair of Chinese Canton carved ivory glove stretchers, both parts deeply carved in relief with flowers, figures and temples, 24cm, and a pair of plain glove stretchers.
    Sold for £37 (US$ 62) inc. premium

  • Lot 218
    A polished brass Art Nouveau style photograph frame, the scrolling frame with flowerheads, another twisted brass frame, a gilt iron frame and one other.(4)
    Sold for £125 (US$ 209) inc. premium

  • Lot 219
    An early Victorian mother of pearl inlaid paper mache work box, central gilt metal handle with two hinged compartments, the paper lined interior with a receptacles for implements,26 x 18cm.
    Sold for £225 (US$ 377) inc. premium

  • Lot 220
    Baxter Prints: Daughter of the Regiment; Copper Your Honour; Morning Call (3)
    Sold for £25 (US$ 41) inc. premium

  • Lot 221
    A Merrythought teddy bear
    Sold for £350 (US$ 587) inc. premium

  • Lot 222Y
    'Ascot' The New Racing Game, by Letters Patent makers Jaques & Son, London, the fitted oak case with ivory and brass mounts, 29cm.
    Sold for £87 (US$ 146) inc. premium

  • Lot 223
    A Victorian circular brass tazza, engraved and set around the edge with twelve agate cabochons another to the centre, 24cm, and a similar inkwell, of hinged divided spherical form on a circular base, set with four banded agate cabochons, 16cm, lacking liner and one ring handle. (2)
    Sold for £125 (US$ 209) inc. premium

  • Lot 224
    A George III mahogany octagonal tea caddy, satinwood and tulipwood crossbanded, boxwood ebony and chequer strung, the hinged top and front centred by a bird's eye walnut oval,17.5cm, on later bun feet.
    £300 - 400
    US$ 500 - 670

  • Lot 225
    A black lacquered sextant, the brass arc signed 'Toizaki & Co Ltd Japan No. 8151', reading 15 degrees - 120 degrees, in wooden carrying case, sight reduction tables for Air Navigation, in two volumes and Instant Astro.(4)
    Sold for £100 (US$ 167) inc. premium

  • Lot 226
    A collection of 33 Elizabeth II £5.00 coins, in Commemorative Presentation packs and another loose. (34)
    £170 - 200
    US$ 290 - 340

  • Lot 227
    A reproduction mahogany cased Admiral Fitzroy's barometer,113cm.
    Sold for £312 (US$ 524) inc. premium

  • Lot 228
    A large pair of Oloticron 20 x 80 field 3.5 degree binoculars, in carrying case, boxed, a Mighty Midget field scope and two clamps.
    Sold for £137 (US$ 230) inc. premium

  • Lot 229
    A pair of Carl Zeiss Jenoptem 10 x 50 W binoculars, and three other pairs of binoculars by Kershaw The Oxford, Ross Stepmur & Swift Audubon, all in leather carrying cases, and a Velbon tripod.(5)
    Sold for £150 (US$ 251) inc. premium

  • Lot 230
    A pair of Carl Zeiss Jenoptem 10 x 50 W binoculars, and two other pairs of binoculars by Ross Stepruva, both in leather carrying cases, a large pair of Swift Observation 16 x 70 binoculars and a Miranda tripod. (4)
    Sold for £137 (US$ 230) inc. premium

  • Lot 231
    A New Map of Surrey, drawn from the latest Authorities, circa 1784, hand coloured and various others of Surrey, Essex and Hampshire, a Carte Universelle de Ptolomee and two others of the sun, all mounted, framed and glazed.
    Sold for £37 (US$ 62) inc. premium

  • Lot 232
    An Arts & Crafts narrow rectangular two handled copper coffee tray, spot hammered and with raised sides, 63cm across, a copper and brass tea kettle on spirit heater stand, late 19th Century, copper and brass ships lamp, a French electrotype cover from a box, 2nd half 19th Century, curved rectangular decorated in relief with a scene of figures merry making, and other decorative metalwares.
    Sold for £137 (US$ 230) inc. premium

  • Lot 233
    A rectangular mahogany brass mounted campaign toilet case,1st half 19th Century, hinged and swivelled with well fitted interior, most fittings lacking but retaining a pair of folding steel boot pulls, corkscrew, mounted glass jar and a razor, indistinctly inscribed on a brass cartouche,23.5cm.
    Sold for £375 (US$ 629) inc. premium

  • Lot 234
    A mogal miniature of a elephant, 20th Century, wearing ceremonial trappings, 13.5 x 18.5cm, and various others, all mounted, framed and glazed, a pair of similar lacquered folding bookends and a trinket box.
    Sold for £62 (US$ 104) inc. premium

  • Lot 235
    A black lacquered compass, by J H Steward, 406 Strand London, and another of earlier date, both in leather carrying cases, a collection of ten Chinese old coins, in a display wallet, two cases of mother of pearl dress shirt buttons and other items.
    Sold for £125 (US$ 209) inc. premium

  • Lot 236
    A Victorian walnut and crossbanded rectangular two compartment tea caddy, 18cm, a set of brass beam scales by W & T Avery in original oak case, and another set, in oak case with weights, rolling ruler, turned boxwood chess set, one half stained black, Victorian copper haystack half gallon jug, one and a half gill similar and two others.
    Sold for £75 (US$ 125) inc. premium

  • Lot 237
    A Gray - Nicolls cricket bat, signed by Hampshire C.C.C. 1989 and Glamorgan C.C.C. 1989 teams.
    Sold for £37 (US$ 62) inc. premium

  • Lot 238
    A Sutcliffe model Nautilus tinplate submarine, copyright Walt Disney Productions, 24cm, two miniature brass canons on wooden carriages and a brass bell on ebonised base. (4)
    Sold for £50 (US$ 83) inc. premium

  • Lot 239
    An HMV model 102 portable gramophome
    Sold for £175 (US$ 293) inc. premium

  • Lot 240
    A painted metal steam driven model traction engine, a small model steam engine, a model boiler, three model driving wheels, burners and funnels, a hot air boat and one other
    Sold for £137 (US$ 230) inc. premium

  • Lot 241
    Rochard Sea Bird in Flight
    Sold for £225 (US$ 377) inc. premium

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