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19 Feb 2013, starting at 10:30 GMT.

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  • Lot 220
    ACKERMANN (RUDOLPH) The History of the Abbey Church of St. Peter's Westminster, its Antiquities and Monuments, 2 vol., 1812
    Sold for £437 (US$ 735) inc. premium

  • Lot 221
    ACKERMANN (RUDOLPH) The History of the Colleges of Winchester, Eton, and Westminster; with the Charter-House, the Schools of St. Paul's, Merchant Taylors, Harrow, and Rugby, and the Free-School of Christ's Hospital, 1816
    Sold for £937 (US$ 1,575) inc. premium

  • Lot 222
    BURKHILL (JOHN) Bolton Illustrated: A Series of Views of the Scenery Around Bolton Abbey, Wharfdale, Yorkshire, the Picturesque Domain of His Grace The Duke of Devonshire, 1848
    Sold for £87 (US$ 147) inc. premium

  • Lot 225
    CORNWALL AND DEVON LYSONS (SAMUEL) Britannia Depicta (part four only, Cornwall), 1818 and 5 others (6)
    Sold for £875 (US$ 1,470) inc. premium

  • Lot 226
    CORNWALL CAREW (RICHARD) The Survey of Cornwall, 78 marginal armorial illustrations in pen and ink on 42 pages, 1602
    Sold for £1,875 (US$ 3,151) inc. premium

  • Lot 227
    CORNWALL BORLASE (WILLIAM) The Natural History of Cornwall, 1758; Observations on the Antiquities Historical and Monumental of the County of Cornwall, 1754 (2)
    Sold for £437 (US$ 735) inc. premium

  • Lot 233
    LONDON Lithographic Sketch of the North Bank of the Thames, from Westminster Bridge to London Bridge, Shewing the Proposed Quay, and Some Other Improvements Suggested, 1825
    Sold for £162 (US$ 273) inc. premium

  • Lot 236
    LONDON STOW (JOHN) A Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, and the Borough of Southwark, 2 vol., 1754-1755
    Sold for £1,625 (US$ 2,731) inc. premium

  • Lot 237
    MORRIS (FRANCIS ORPEN) A Series of Picturesque Views of Seats of the Noblemen and Gentlemen of Great Britain and Ireland, 7 vol., [1880]
    Sold for £187 (US$ 315) inc. premium

  • Lot 238
    OXFORD ACKERMANN (RUDOLPH) The Costumes of the University of Oxford, Illustrated By a Series of Engravings From Original Drawings by Thomas Uwins, 1815
    Sold for £375 (US$ 630) inc. premium

  • Lot 239
    OXFORD CANAL A manuscript statement of accounts relating to the Oxford Canal detailing various aspects of the project including: the inventory of stock, the state of the works, defaulter to original subscription, subscribers [of the] second subscription, the loan, neat profits, neat expence, and the state of the works, 1779
    Sold for £375 (US$ 630) inc. premium

  • Lot 241
    PYNE (WILLIAM HENRY) The History of the Royal Residences of Windsor Castle, St. James's Palace, Carlton House, Kensington Palace, Hampton Court, Buckingham House, and Frogmore, 3 vol., 1819
    Sold for £2,375 (US$ 3,991) inc. premium

  • Lot 242
    SANDBY (PAUL) The Virtuosi's Museum; Containing Select Views in England, Scotland and Ireland, 1778
    Sold for £600 (US$ 1,008) inc. premium

  • Lot 243
    SCOTLAND DANIELL (WILLIAM) A Voyage Round the North and North-West Coast of Scotland and the Adjacent Islands
    Sold for £3,125 (US$ 5,252) inc. premium

  • Lot 245
    WARWICKSHIRE DUGDALE (WILLIAM) The Antiquities of Warwickshire Illustrated, 1656
    £600 - 800
    US$ 1,000 - 1,300

  • Lot 246
    YORKSHIRE - WEST RIDING. "The Auncient Rates of the West Rydding of the Countye of Yorke: agreed upon by the Justices of peace there in Ano Regina Ellizabethae/ Ex Impensis Roberti Parker...", late 18th century; and another
    Sold for £275 (US$ 462) inc. premium

  • Lot 247
    [YOUNG (ARTHUR)] A Six Months Tour through the North of England, 4 vol., 1770; and others (6)
    Sold for £312 (US$ 525) inc. premium

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