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9 Jan 2013, starting at 10:00 GMT.

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A late 17th/early 19th Century laburnam oyster veneered chest
Sold for £5,000 (US$ 8,404) inc. premium
 of 378
  • Lot 301
    A Shagreen upholstered blotter, letter box, pen tray
    Sold for £937 (US$ 1,575) inc. premium

  • Lot 302
    Four share certificates, relating to Neville Golf Club and The Grove Bowling Club Tunbridge Wells & The Kent & Sussex Club.
    Sold for £100 (US$ 168) inc. premium

  • Lot 302A
    An Art Deco style bronzed metal and ivorine figure, of antelope and faun on variegated marble base, 46cm.
    Sold for £100 (US$ 168) inc. premium

  • Lot 303
    A pair of early 20th Century French gilt bronze and onyx candlesticks
    Sold for £137 (US$ 231) inc. premium

  • withdrawn
    Lot 304
    A gilt metal three light chandelier, with leafy scroll cast scrolling branches, hung with swags of facet cut glass drops, later wired for electricity,33cm.

  • Lot 305
    A gilt metal three light chandelier, the cast draped centre issuing knotted ropes with tassel drops and a circlet cast with leaves, the three leafy scroll cast branches later wired for electricity,35cm.
    Sold for £62 (US$ 105) inc. premium

  • Lot 306
    Crowns: 1935 x 5, 1937 x 2, all EF: George II half crown, 1745, F; Charles II crowns 1668 & 1673, both FAIR, and other 18th and 19th century coins.
    Sold for £600 (US$ 1,008) inc. premium

  • Lot 307
    Victoria (Jubilee head): £5, £2, crown, double florin, half crown, florin and shilling, all VF-EF.
    Sold for £2,000 (US$ 3,361) inc. premium

  • Lot 308
    A pair gilt brass twin light wall sconces and a pair of carved and limed wood wall brackets
    Sold for £125 (US$ 210) inc. premium

  • Lot 309
    The game of Roulette, French 1930's,
    Sold for £150 (US$ 252) inc. premium

  • Lot 310
    A FED1 1:3.5F = 50mm lens Russian Range finder camera,
    Sold for £250 (US$ 420) inc. premium

  • Lot 311
    An Edison phonograph and rolls
    Sold for £312 (US$ 525) inc. premium

  • Lot 312
    A 19th Century Swiss musical box
    Sold for £312 (US$ 525) inc. premium

  • Lot 313
    A Italian mother o' pearl and silk fan,
    Sold for £437 (US$ 735) inc. premium

  • Lot 314
    A William Brownfield pottery doll's dinner service
    Sold for £137 (US$ 231) inc. premium

  • Lot 315
    A Chinese mandarin palette bowl,
    Sold for £350 (US$ 588) inc. premium

  • Lot 316
    An Indian Sub-Continental gilt bronze figure of Ganesh
    £200 - 300
    US$ 340 - 500

  • Lot 317
    A brass and hardwood coffee grinder, together with two sets of iron and brass balance scales and weights, etc.
    Sold for £87 (US$ 147) inc. premium

  • Lot 318
    L Houzeaux: Polar Bear, carved and polished wood on an oak plinth, signed,56 x 12cm.
    Sold for £212 (US$ 357) inc. premium

  • Lot 319
    Twenty eight 'Hurcules' 10 Franc silver coins, various dates and an 1875 2 1/5 Gilder coin and other coins.
    Sold for £500 (US$ 840) inc. premium

  • Lot 320
    A Chinese embroidered silkwork panel,
    Sold for £187 (US$ 315) inc. premium

  • Lot 321
    A French oak water fountain,
    Sold for £437 (US$ 735) inc. premium

  • Lot 322
    Stamps:- Royalty, a large collection of Great Britain and Commonwealth 1st Day Covers, mini sheets, Presentation packs, booklets and other ephemera relating to the Royal family in 16 albums.
    Sold for £200 (US$ 336) inc. premium

  • Lot 323
    A set of four twin branch wall applique, with shaped Venetian mirror back plates, the cast brass scrolled sconces, later wired for electricity,53cm.
    Sold for £1,250 (US$ 2,101) inc. premium

  • Lot 324
    A set of three Louis XV style gilt metal twin branch wall applique, cast with scrolling acanthus,40cm.
    Sold for £175 (US$ 294) inc. premium

  • Lot 325
    A pair of circular cut glass ceiling bowls, 1st half 20th Century, each of three lights with plated mounts, 33cm diameter, a similar period hexagonal ceiling light with frosted glass panels and a wrought iron square hanging hall lantern with bevelled glass panels. (4)
    Sold for £750 (US$ 1,260) inc. premium

  • Lot 326
    Cascellini Mozart, silhouette, black cut-out on card, signed and inscribed 'Vienna 1938, 20 x 23cm, also a companion. (2)
    Sold for £150 (US$ 252) inc. premium

  • Lot 327
    The Robin - A Happy New Magazine for Boys and Girls, volume 1 No. 1 28 March 1953 - volume 3 No. 53 31 December - 1955, bound in years with card covers and seven Robin, Eagle and Girl annuals.(10)
    Sold for £150 (US$ 252) inc. premium

  • Lot 328
    Two Victorian three quarter length portrait studies of ladies, in room interiors, each painted over a photographic base, each in an ornate foliate moulded gilt frame, in plush lined glazed rosewood frames, image 24 x 19cm, oval and 21 x 17cm.
    Sold for £212 (US$ 357) inc. premium

  • Lot 329
    Two Dutch style brass chandeliers,
    Sold for £37 (US$ 63) inc. premium

  • Lot 330
    Two albums containing a large collection of Faga cards, and a guide to postcards, a collection of postcards, 1st Day Covers, stamps and other printed ephemera relating to Marlyn Monroe, and a large collection of phone cards in three album page wallets.
    Sold for £125 (US$ 210) inc. premium

  • Lot 331
    Three Great Britain and Northern Ireland cased proof coin sets, 1970, 1971 & 1977, twelve other cased un-circulated coin year sets, two other cased coin collections and three £1 banknotes, also a cased set of Commemorative medals, "Railways Act 1921".
    Sold for £137 (US$ 231) inc. premium

  • Lot 332
    A cased ship model of a four masted ship, County of Caithness
    Sold for £375 (US$ 630) inc. premium

  • Lot 333
    A cased model of a three masted ship, 63cm wide
    Sold for £400 (US$ 672) inc. premium

  • Lot 334
    A brass pocket barometer, circa 1900
    Sold for £4,000 (US$ 6,723) inc. premium

  • Lot 335
    A third quarter 20th century Georgian-style double fronted town house doll's house, 2
    Sold for £187 (US$ 315) inc. premium

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