A Collection of 11 Cylinder seals in presentation box and with paperwork
Lot 138
Eleven Mesopotamian hardstone cylinder seals 11
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Eleven Mesopotamian cylinder seals 11
Lot Details
Eleven Mesopotamian hardstone cylinder seals
Jemdet Nasr Period - Neo-Assyrian Period, circa 2800-700 B.C.
Including a Jemdet Nasr limestone cylinder seal carved with a hero holding two up-ended animals by their horns, flanked by a second hero, circa 2800 B.C., 30mm high; six Akkadian serpentine cylinder seals, showing various contest scenes with heroes wrestling animals, one with with the sun god Shamash wearing the horned crown, a drinking scene and another with a priestess and worshippers, circa 2400 B.C., 21mm-31mm high; two Ur III serpentine cylinder seals, showing enthroned deities and worshippers, circa 2100 B.C., 26mm-29mm high; a Syrian haematite cylinder seal, with men battling lions and a griffin, circa 2000 B.C., 20mm high; and a Neo-Assyrian serpentine cylinder seal, showing a hero fighting a sphinx, circa 9th-8th Century B.C., 26mm high, with original presentation box (11)


  • Provenance:
    Dutch private collection.
    Hüfner Collection, Bonn, Germany.
    Prof. Dr. H. Kirmis Collection, Neümunster, Germany, mid-20th Century.
    Hofrat Horner Collection, Switzerland.
    Flandin Collection, Paris, France.
    A. Beperer Collection, Basel, Switzerland, acquired at the end of the 19th Century.

    Accompanied by a report from Dr A. Amiet-Engel addressed to Mr Beperer dated 1 July 1899, and by an expertise from Dr Rainer-Michael Boehmerb, Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, dated 11 January 1972.
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