Stele from Southern Italy. Inscribed in Greek, 1st century A.D
Lot 106W
A Graeco-Roman marble votive stele
Sold for £3,500 (US$ 5,879) inc. premium
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A Graeco-Roman marble votive stele
Circa 1st-2nd Century A.D.
Depicting a young woman, probably a priestess, standing next to an altar, shown wearing a loosely draped himation over her pleated chiton, with seven partial lines of Greek inscription beneath: the first line inscribed: 'Didymon', the second line with an incomplete word, probably 'hierasomenos' (being about to become male priest), the fourth line inscribed 'hiereia' (priestess), line six with most of the word 'apedoke' (he or she is given), 23in x 9in (59cm x 23cm) mounted


  • Provenance:
    UK private collection. Acquired at auction in London between 1985-1997.

    The use of 'apedoke' (he or she is given), suggests that this stele is votive. The incomplete word in line two, probably 'hierasomenos', 'being about to become priest', is masculine, which suggests a man and a woman are involved and it is possible that a man was shown standing at the other side of the altar.
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