c. 1985 Tempero Constin Lister Jaguar Replica
Lot 403
c.1985 Tempero Lister-Jaguar Costin Replica Chassis no. 7151539
US$ 100,000 - 125,000
£59,000 - 74,000
Lot Details
c.1985 Tempero Lister-Jaguar Costin Replica
Chassis no. 7151539
• Jaguar 4.2-liter six-cylinder power
• Five-speed manual transmission

• Unique replica of the Lister Jaguar Costin
• Exacting recreation built by recognized craftsman
• SVRA logbook

The British Lister marque had become firmly established through the 1958 season, during which its famous Knobbly-bodied sports-racing cars had been powered by a choice of either the six-cylinder in-line Jaguar XK engine or the American Chevrolet V8. Drivers of Knobbly Listers had included the works team's own star, Archie Scott-Brown - tragically killed at Spa in Belgium - Stirling Moss, Masten Gregory, and Walt Hansgen, who won consecutive American SCCA Championship titles driving the blue-striped white Listers campaigned by Briggs Cunningham's celebrated team. The success of those cars had guaranteed a healthy order book for the 1959-season replacement model from the Abbey Road factory. For this more sophisticated design, Brian Lister engaged former de Havilland and Lotus aerodynamicist Frank Costin to produce a streamlined, low-drag enveloping body for his latest product, the result being the Lister Costin.

As the prices of 1950s-era sports-racing cars have hit stratospheric levels in recent years, so the burgeoning replica market has begun satisfying the demand for more affordable copies of cars like the Jaguar C and D-type, Aston Martin DBR/1 and indeed the Lister-Jaguar. Third generation coachbuilders Tempero Coachworks of Oamaru, New Zealand, have been constructing high quality replicas of these cars since the 1980s, and enjoy a reputation for both the quality of their workmanship and accuracy.

Built in the mid-1980s, the one and only Lister Costin replica made by Tempero Coachworks has raced both in the Antipodes and the US. After competing in numerous vintage races, sprints and hillclimbs in New Zealand in the hands of the original customer, Rod McKenzie of Timaru, for more than a decade, the car was sold back to Tempero in 2002 and on to the US after being refurbished. Offered with an SVRA logbook, this all-alloy recreation has been repainted in the 'works' colors of dark green with a yellow stripe. The car has numerous authentic features including Weber carburetors, headers, coil-over suspension, IRS, disc brakes, knock-off Dunlop wheels and hubs and a roll-bar.

A unique recreation, the Tempero Lister Costin is definitely an inspired alternative to the more numerous Jaguar-based replicas, and with the SVRA logbook would be welcome at certain vintage racing events here in the US and elsewhere. The Tempero offers a driving experience far more raw and intoxicating than a similarly priced XKE could ever hope to and would make a devastatingly quick road car.

Saleroom notices

  • Please note, this vehicle is titled as a 1959 and its chassis an engine numbers are S993177BW and KF90308 respectively.
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