An inside-painted rock-crystal 'boys playing crickets' snuff bottle Ma Shaoxuan, dated 1904
Lot 61
An inside-painted glass 'boys playing crickets' snuff bottle Ma Shaoxuan, dated 1904
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An inside-painted glass 'boys playing crickets' snuff bottle
Ma Shaoxuan, dated 1904
Elegantly painted to the interior with three mischievous young boys playing with crickets, beneath a series of kaishu inscriptions and a painted seal mark of the artist, the reverse with further kaishu inscriptions with the signature and painted seal mark of the artist.
6.2cm high.


  • Illustrated:
    Paul Braga, Hong Kong Chinese Snuff Bottle Collectors, Arts of Asia, November-December 1976, p.84

    The inscription is an excerpt from the 'Lanting Preface', written by Wang Xizhi (c.303-361 or 321-379), which recorded the elegant gathering of Wang and his friends at the orchid pavilion in Shanyin (Shaoxing, Zhejiang province) on the third day of the third month, c.352.

    Wang's calligraphic style is recognised as the traditional paragon of Chinese calligraphy. 'Lanting Preface' has always been revered as one of the greatest examples to calligraphers, who also heavily inspired Ma. Ma studied and learned Wang's calligraphy style his entire life and also proudly taught younger generations.

    A similar snuff bottle with the same excerpt from the 'Lanting Preface' by Ma Shaoxuan in the Mary and George Bloch collection, illustrated by Moss, Graham and Tsang, A Treasury of Chinese Snuff Bottles: The Mary and George Bloch Collection, Vol.4, Inside-Painted, Hong Kong, 2000, pp.400-401, no.590, was sold in these rooms, 28 November 2011, lot 49.

    1904年 馬少宣 玻璃內畫嬰戲蟋蟀圖鼻煙壺

    Paul Braga, 《Hong Kong Chinese Snuff Bottle Collectors》, Arts of Asia, 1976年11-12月, 頁84

    壺呈扁平瓶形,直口,橢圓形圈足。一面繪有三小童蹲著玩鬥蟋蟀,以幼竹枝挑動蟋蟀罐內之蟋蟀,姿態可愛,上題「籬豆花開蟋蟀吟。」下繪「宣」白文篆書方印。壺另一面書有「甲辰(1904)冬日 是日也,天朗氣清,惠風和暢,仰觀宇宙之大,俯察品類之盛,所以遊目聘懷,足以極視聽之娛,信可樂也。馬少宣。」,書法秀麗,下畫「少宣」白文篆書橢圓形印。

    本壺所題之詩句,乃出自王羲之(303-361 或 321-379)的《蘭亭集序》一文,是記錄了永和九年(352年)三月三日,王氏與友人於山陰(今浙江紹興)蘭亭,山林間曲水流觴,作修楔雅集之事。

    王羲之書法一直為中國書法中的傳統典範,而其傑作《蘭亭集序》更是書法家的學習對象,馬少宣也不例外。馬氏一直以仿王氏風格為目標,更以此流傳下代模仿,有關此方面的討論,可參閱Moss, Graham及Tsang著,《A Treasury of Chinese Snuff Bottle》,第4卷,編號590,頁400-401。馬氏其他只書《蘭亭集序》鼻煙壺,可參見香港邦瀚斯,2011年11月28日,瑪麗及莊智博鼻煙壺珍藏:第四部份,拍品編號49。
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