A tangerine skin snuff bottle Qing dynasty, 1750-1900
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A tangerine skin snuff bottle Qing dynasty, 1750-1900
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A tangerine skin snuff bottle
Qing dynasty, 1750-1900
Worked in the naturalistic form of voluminous fruit, the body with various shades of burgundy, displaying the different contours of the surface.
5.3cm high.


  • In the mid Qing dynasty, from the late Qianlong to the Daoguang period, the production of moulded organic materials into vessels flourished. Moulded gourds were mostly used for this kind of craftsmanship. Due to the smaller size of tangerines, they were suited for moulded into snuff bottles. After the process of moulding, drying and applying lacquer on it, the outlook of it would be quite different and not easy to be recognized. A moulded orange peel example, with 'guiwei' year inscription, is illustrated by Moss, Graham and Tsang, A Treasury of Chinese Snuff Bottles, The Mary and George Bloch Collection, Vol.7, Hong Kong, 2009, pp.112-113, no.1512. The author dated it as 1823, possibly 1763 or 1883.

    清 1750-1900 橘子皮鼻煙壺


    在清中期以後,乾隆晚期至道光年間,流行以有機物質模製成器皿,而葫蘆是最常用作模製的有機物質,由於橘子大小所限,只多見以橘子皮模製成鼻煙壺,數量不算多。以橘子皮模製成器後,風乾並塗上漆,外型與一般所見的橘子皮會有所分別,不易辨認。其他以橘子皮模製而成的鼻煙壺例子,可參見莫士撝, Victor Graham 及曾嘉寶著,《A Treasury of Chinese Snuff Bottles: The Mary and George Bloch Collection》,第7冊,第一部份,頁112-113,編號1512。該例子上有「癸未」年款,作者定為擬1823年(或1763年或1883年)。
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