A Tachi by Yoshinaga, 76.2cm
Lot 1177
An Ise katana By Yoshinaga, dated 1866
US$ 8,000 - 12,000
£4,800 - 7,100
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An Ise katana
By Yoshinaga, dated 1866
The broad katana of hon-zukuri, iori-mune configuration, with an extended kissaki and a torii-zori curvature, forged in a ko-itame pattern and a ko-choji-midare within a narrow sugu-ba tempered edge, the boshi ko-maru with haki-kake, the ubu tang with one hole and kessho file marks, signed Hiroyama Yoshinaga saku and dated Keio ni-nen ku-gatsu bi (A day in the ninth month of 1866); one-piece gold-foil habaki; 30in (76.2cm)

In a koshirae comprising a black-lacquer saya; a tsuka wrapped with purple thread and fitted with gilt-metal dragon menuki and shakudo migaki-ji fuchi-gashira with gilt-copper "rope" edges; iron plate tsuba finished in a russet surface
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