An outstanding Junyao bubble bowl Northern Song / Jin dynasty
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An outstanding Junyao bubble bowl Northern Song / Jin dynasty
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An outstanding Junyao bubble bowl
Northern Song / Jin dynasty
Very finely potted with gently rounded sides, curving up from a short straight foot to a slightly inverted rim, covered overall in a thick and creamy lavender blue glaze, thinning to an olive and greyish hue towards the extremities, the soft texture contrast with a brilliantly-splashed purplish-pink swirl at the interior, the exterior with another two finely-splashed running down from the rim in evenly striking colours, all beneath a smooth-to-touch surface, leaving a neatly cut ungalzed footring of dark brown and greyish tone, Japanese box.
8.1cm diam. (2).


  • 北宋 / 金 鈞窯天藍釉紫斑小盌

    Notable for its uniquely small sized, which led to the common reference of 'bubble' bowl, these bowls were probably more used for drinking wine or tea. Whilst most earlier Junyao relied on chaste monochrome glazes as their sole decoration, later examples have light crimson flushes or, as demonstrated by the current lot, with increased bold prominent splashes of purple, acheived by the deliberate addition of copper.

    A slightly larger example of a Junyao bubble bowl is in the Sir Percival David collection, illustrated in S. Pierson, Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art. A Guide to the Collection, London, 2002, p.39, no.15. See also another bubble bowl in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, illustrated by S.G. Valenstein, A Handbook of Chinese Ceramics, New York, 1975, p.73, no.41. For another pair of Junyao bubble bowls in the Laiyantang collection, see 50 Song Ceramics from the Laiyantang Collection, 2009, pp.50-51, no.16.



    比本件小盌稍大的另外一件鈞窯,見大衛德爵士所藏,Stacey Pierson著,《Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art. A Guide to the Collection》,倫敦,2002年,頁39,圖版15。紐約大都會博物館藏另外一件鈞窯小盌,見S.G. Valenstein著,《A Handbook of Chinese Ceramics》,紐約,1975年,頁73,圖版41。來燕堂藏一對鈞窯紫斑小盌,大小也與本件拍品相當,參見《宋瓷五十年.來燕堂珍藏》,2009年,頁55-51,圖版16。
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