An Yixing stoneware libation cup Qing dynasty, signed Chen Mingyuan
Lot 550
An Yixing stoneware libation cup Qing dynasty, signed Chen Mingyuan
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Masterpieces of Yixing Stoneware from the Mr and Mrs Jimmy Sha Collection (lots 546-558)
An Yixing stoneware libation cup
Qing dynasty, signed Chen Mingyuan
Of archaistic jue form, the deep 'U'-shaped body supported on three splayed legs of triangular section, tapering towards the feet, the mouth with a channelled spout set opposite a peak in the rim, set with two finials with waisted caps incised with whorl circles, the main body decorated with a narrow frieze of a pair of stylised taotie masks set against a leiwen ground, applied with a vertical loop handle issuing from a bovine mask, the zhuanshu seals chen and mingyuan impressed under the handle, the stoneware of an attractive purplish-brown suffused with pale speckling.
17.4cm high.


  • Provenance 來源:
    Chen Keli (1908- after 1985)
    陳克立 (1908-1985以後)

    Illustrated 出版:
    L.Fulai, C.Keli, Yangxian shaqi jingpin tupu, An Illustrated Collection of Fine Stonewares of Yangxian, Taipei, 1985, pl.28

    Chen Mingyuan marked pottery vessels of archaistic bronze form rank amongst the greatest of his creations. The current example is potted in the form of a late Shang dynasty ritual wine vessel, jue. The potter has skifully impressed his own seals under the handle, where in antiquity, a pictogram would have been cast on the bronze surface.

    A closely related Chen Mingyuan marked Yixing stoneware vessel of jue form, sold at Sotheby Parke Bernet, Hong Kong, 24 May 1978, lot 324, and subsequently in the Water, Pine and Stone Retreat collection, was later sold at China Guardian, November 2011, lot 2873. See also an Yixing stoneware jue lent by Alice Boney, illustrated by Terese Tse Bartholomew, I-Hsing Ware, China Institute in America, New York, 1977, p.53, pl.29. Compare also an Yixing stoneware jue in the Shanghai Museum, illustrated in Themes and Variations. The Zisha Pottery of Chen Mingyuan, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1997, p.104, pl.21.

    Chen Keli was a major Yixing collector in the early 20th century. As he narrates in the introduction to his book, he collected Yixing wares alongside his uncle-in-law, Gong Xinzhao (1870-1949), a graduate of the Hanlin Academy. Chen purchased Yixing wares from Li, a dealer working at Rongbaozhai. Gong was surprised that in 50-60 years, he had only managed to acquire a small number of high quality pieces, but Chen built up a substantial collection in a matter of months. Li told Chen that the pieces he had purchased came from a family of salt merchants named Zhang, whose brothers had argued and had been forced to sell their Chen Mingyuan.

    In the preface to the book, Fulai expounds how Chen Mingyuan, who wanted to become more acquainted with literati figures, travelled widely, and that at Xie Garden in Kaiyan, Jiangxi province, he met the owner Zhang Kunchong, who treated him as a distinguished guest. In return he gave a number of his pieces to the Zhang family. Fulai points out that due to this provenance, Chen Mingyuan marked pieces from the collection of Chen Keli are very reliable. Fulai also points out that it is fortunate that rubbings of all these major pieces were preserved and able to be published, because so many pieces were dispersed during the upheaval of the twentieth century.

    For further information about Chen Mingyuan, see lot 547.

    清 紫泥摻沙梨皮仿古爵杯


    爵杯短流尖尾,口沿內側近鋬部有菌狀柱,雙柱較矮,鋬飾獸首; 深腹微鼓出,飾以饕餮紋; 刀形足,三足向外撇,典型商代晚期爵杯風格。泥質細緻堅挺,尤其足部乾淨俐落,表現出青銅器之質感,精細妍媚。鋬內處鈐「陳」篆文圓印及「鳴遠」篆文方印。

    類似的陳嗚遠款爵杯,可參考曾於1978年5月24日,香港蘇富比,I-Hsing Ware:Property from a Private Collection拍賣的拍品編號324,後水松石山主人收藏,並於2011年11月中國嘉德秋拍,紫泥清心--宜陶古器頻珍,拍品編號2873。另一件Alice Boney藏品,見Terese Tse Bartholomew, I-Hsing Ware, China Institute in America, 紐約, 1977, 頁53, 圖版29,以及上海博物館藏品,見《紫泥清韻--陳鳴遠陶藝研究》,香港中文大學,1997,頁104,圖版21。

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