A 1932 Speed-o-Byke by Presto,
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A 1932 Speed-o-Byke by Presto,
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A 1932 Speed-o-Byke by Presto,
This 1932 Speed-O-Byke is a first year production and has proven to be one of the rarest of the Speed-O-Byke line. The rarity of this bike is primarily due to the original 1932 Presto bike head badge that it features and to date is the only known surviving example of a Presto bike. This Speed-O-Byke was made in the 1930s through the 1940s. The bikes made in the 1930s had head badges made entirely of brass and made in Chicago Illinois by Metal Specialties Manufacturing Company, the bikes in the 1940s had aluminum had badges and were made by the Mead cycle company. Although not a real motorcycle, the inventor, George Lewis went to great strides to design it as one. The Speed-O-Byke was introduced and made available to the public in 1932 and was dubbed as a sidewalk bike it was made famous through a promotion that feature George "Spanky" McFarland (of the TVs "Little Rascals.") Although they made their way all across the United States it is not immediately known exactly how many of these bikes were built as only a handful has been found. A large amount of these bikes are believed to have been donated to the metal drives during World War II and were lost for ever.


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