Twelve pottery vessels & objects: Cypriot chariot wheel(12), Cypriot pottery dish(15), small pottery vessel(24), Roman terra sigillata bowl(25), Etruscan bucchero ware kyathos(29), Daunian geometric decorated vessel(35), Etruscan bucchero Ware chalice(36), Corinthian aryballos(21), Etrusco-Corinthian alabastron(32), Ancient Near Eastern tripod vase(34), Bucchero Ware handle fragment(list 2/1) & an Ancient Near Eastern Astarte figure fragment(list 2/12)
Lot 4
A miscellaneous collection of twelve antiquities 12
Sold for £3,500 (US$ 5,879) inc. premium
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A miscellaneous collection of twelve antiquities
Circa 6th Century B.C. - 2nd Century A.D.
Including a Corinthian alabastron, the upper register with a tongue and triangle motif, the lower register depicting two animals running, 5¾in (14.6cm) high; an Etrusco-Corinthian aryballos, 3in (7.6cm) high; a Cypriot chariot wheel, 3in (7.6cm) diam; a Cypriot pottery dish, 15in diam (38.1cm); a small pottery vessel with a spouted rim and handle, 4in (10.2cm) high; a Roman red slip ware bowl, 5in (12.7cm) diam; an Etruscan bucchero ware kyathos, 4¾in (12.1cm) high; a Daunian vessel, 9½in (24.1cm) high; an Etruscan bucchero ware chalice, 6.5in (16.5cm) high; a Near Eastern tripod vessel, 3¾in (9.5cm) high; an Etruscan bucchero ware handle fragment, 5in (12.7cm) high; together with a Near Eastern Astarte figure fragment, 1¾in (4.4cm) high (12)


  • Provenance:
    With Marcel Dumoulin, the Belgian antiquarian, acquired in the 1960s and 1970s.
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