Tjungkara Ken (born 1969) Ngayuku Nguru (My Country)
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Tjungkara Ken (born 1969) Ngayuku Nguru (My Country)
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Tjungkara Ken (born 1969)
Ngayuku Nguru (My Country)
bears artist's name and Tjala Arts catalogue number 033-10 on the reverse
synthetic polymer paint on linen
198 x 153cm


    Painted in 2010
    Tjala Arts, Amata, South Australia
    Superannuation Fund of William Nuttall and Annette Reeves

    27th Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award, Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin, 14 August - 7 November, 2010

    Tjungkara Ken is a Pitjantjatjara artist living at Rocket Bore in the far south of the Northern Territory, and north of Amata, her father's homeland. Ken began her painting career in 1997 when an art centre, Minymaku Arts was established (now Tjala Arts). The major subjects of her art are the ubiquitous Seven Sisters Dreaming, Kungkarrakalpa, and ngayuku ngura or 'my country'.

    Ken depicts her country in all of its vastness and changing topography. Special sites such as freshwater rockholes, rivers and mountain ranges are referred to in the conventional graphic language of the desert – circles, squares and ovals for sites, travelling lines that join these, and arcs to indicate people. Ken's renditions of this sacred landscape are composed of sections of parallel lines that intimate a patchwork of different landforms, marked by an intensity of colour that suggests the fertile nature of the land, not the barren desert of the European imagination.

    Wally Caruana
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