Anatjari Tjakamarra (circa 1938-1992) Ngumulynga (Two Boys)
Lot 35
Anatjari Tjakamarra (circa 1938-1992) Ngumulynga (Two Boys)
AU$ 8,000 - 12,000
US$ 7,500 - 11,000
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Anatjari Tjakamarra (circa 1938-1992)
Ngumulynga (Two Boys)
synthetic polymer paint on canvas board
76 x 60.5cm


    Painted at Yai Yai Bore 26 in August 1974
    Acquired by the original owner directly from the artist at Yai Yai Bore
    Private collection
    Sotheby's, Aboriginal Art, Melbourne, 24 June 2002, lot 35
    Ebes Collection, Melbourne

    For an illustration of the field diagram produced by Professor Fred Myers whilst conducting fieldwork with the artist see "Aesthetic Function and Practice; A Local Art History of Pintupi Painting" in Howard Morphy and M. Smith Boles (eds.), Art from the Land: Dialogues with the Kluge-Ruhe Collection of Australian Aboriginal Art, Charlottesville USA: University of Virginia, 1999, p.227, fig.8.2. According to Professor Myers this work was painting 169 in the artist's 'Time Series' which Myers recorded in field sketches over a two year period (1973-1975).

    This work was originally sold with accompanying handwritten notes, almost certainly by Fred Myers, that read: 'This painting represents the Dreamtime story of the "Two Boys" at a place called "Ngumulynga" ("Boy Place"). The main water at this place is a large soakage which is surrounded by rockholes. The two boys had followed the Kangaroo Dreaming from one hundred miles to the north and had finally given up stopping at "Ngumulynga" on their northward return. The water is here because the two boys said "Let their (present day men's) water remain here" - and so it does. The lines connecting the circles are the tracks of the two boys as they walked around the camp - the tracks have become stone. These "Two Boys" are said to have carried potent napanpa - or doctorman's objects - in their bodies, and therefore to have been powerful clever men'.
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